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 AA3 servers. none will show up. 


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Joined: 31 Mar 2011

      Posted: 31 Mar 2011 21:01 Profile

So Ive talked to a few people about my problem being that when i go to the multiplayer tab, there are no servers listed. I switched my MBS Timeout from 350 to 500 and when that didn't work i switched it to 5000. Still, no servers so please help me out on this one.

Do I need to provide my dxdiag?


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Joined: 02 Aug 2004

      Posted: 31 Mar 2011 21:21 Profile United States

Game Log File Request Prompt

Please include a copy of your game log file. If you do not know how to obtain this log file, please follow the steps listed below:

    Click Start, My Computer, Local Disk ( C: ), Program Files.

    Go to the
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\america's army 3\AA3Game\Logs

    C:\Program Files\US Army\america's army 3\AA3Game\Logs

    directory and open the AA3launch.log file with a text editor (ie. notepad). If you cannot find this file, you may need to un-check "hide extensions of known file types".

    Highlight the section near the end of the file, a couple of minutes worth of log is enough. Use the key combination Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste the list into an America's Army forum reply.

In the case of a PBKICK, you may search the log for the word "punkbuster" to find the kick line.

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 AA3 servers. none will show up. 

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