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 Hello all my AA2.8.4 peeps 


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      Posted: 31 Mar 2011 05:17 Profile

Its kratos stoping by and saying hello to all of you, i realized there hasnt been an update for aa2 in some time which is kinda sad i do miss this game alot but alot has changed like when i recently re-installed the game i notice my sound goes way down. dont know why dont care to complain, but here is what i have to say im pretty sure the aa depot is still up and running, as the devs are still working on aa3 getting alot fo things fixed, you guys can kinda contribute by maybe making a new content map to play, i would love to see a new version of hospital or something, the thing is most of what ive seen really hasnt been played alot there are plenty of maps on aa2 thats for sure but every server i seen is like on the same thing like ic, Hospital etc etc, none of the old old maps or even the new new maps ever get played its kinda of sad and a waste all in itself to see how many people are just dedicagted to one map alone, i enjoyed tons of maps when i frist started out with aa2 like fls assualt and jtc farm raid, old school training of mount those were fun back in the day. i havent vistit the depot in some time so i might just hope on over and see what i like to see make it and why, if i do that i will most likly make a post about serval maps and why they should make it etc thats only if it is still around, ok Hooah up Soliders im outy

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 Hello all my AA2.8.4 peeps 

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