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 Little things to make the game more enjoyable 


Posts: 7
Joined: 25 Mar 2011

      Posted: 25 Mar 2011 13:51 Profile

Forgive me if these idea's have already come to light, but i didnt fancy flicking through 228 pages of thread's to find out xD also, i am not putting down the AA dev team in any way, i just started playing yesterday and i instantly fell in love with the game, i went cold turkey off counter strike source and onto AA3.

I know that the UDK might have been a bit "Buggy" when AA3 was released, it still has a few bug's here and there even in the March 2011 release, because of the engine's complexity, it makes it hard to track down the source of the AA3 bug's, so some of the things im about to suggest might not even be possible but i thought it'd be worth mentioning, so here goes...

Before u scope in / use the iron site on any gun, make it so that u can hold down the space bar (to hold ur breath) before u scope in / use the iron site so that by the time u scope in, ur already holding ur breath ready for a crack shot or something of the like, still making it so that un-scoped u cant hold ur breath. Im quite sure when in the situation of coming face to face with an enemy that want's to blow ur head off at almost point blank range, u would automatically hold ur breath anyway without even noticing it, and while in that moment if ur able to think to put the iron site/scope to ur eye then bob's ur uncle.

A few fractured static meshes added to the current map's would be nice. i think people would get a real kick out of that and bring a more realistic feel to the game and its easy as pie to do. just a few partition wall's or something of the like, things u can blow holes in and use for cover.

The nades/bangs should be able to ground rubber after tossing them under arm as opposed to bouncing maybe once or twice before exploding.

Change the sound of the smoke grenade and flash bangs collision sound's from the frag grenade's collision sound. (meaning give the smoke grenade, flash bang and frag grenade all different sounds when they hit wall's and floors)

There were a few more thing's that i had in mind but ive forgotten them, im sure they will come back to me in time and when they do i will be sure to add them to this thread because these ideas came to me while i was playing, and i typically thought to myself "man this would be could if this did such and such" as i do for most games i play which is almost anything playable Very Happy

Again, i do not mean to insult the AA team's intelligence or any kind of general insult at all, i am just trying to help!




Posts: 7
Joined: 25 Mar 2011

      Posted: 25 Mar 2011 14:54 Profile

Oh and i left my New Zealand team/clan on counter strike source to take up arms in AA3!

happy gaming people!

 Little things to make the game more enjoyable 

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