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 Rebel Gamers 


Posts: 37
Joined: 10 May 2008

      Posted: 09 Mar 2011 04:26 Profile

Rebel Gamers (-r3bel-) are recruiting for members for a recently formed clan. We were formed Feb 2011 for ppl who want to have some fun on AA3 without any of the usual hassle you can come across. We have a simple philosophy, we want to have fun without the hassle that comes with it. Our clan is based on a few simple common-sense rules and expect our members to abide by them.We have an honor bearing server at "(-r3bel-) Rebel Gamers". You are all welcome to come by and say hi or perhaps have a few rounds with us.

If you are interested in checking us out, then simply make a visit to our forum at for more information, this is where you can also make an application to join our clan. We also have a "guest book" forum where if you arent a member of our site then you can still post [limited] topics there such as saying hi to us all or perhaps to post comments about our site/server.

We also have a TS3 server so just enter the following details in your TS client and come have a chat:

TS server: Port:9987

See ya soon!!!

 Rebel Gamers 

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