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 Dev's said... 


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      Posted: 01 Apr 2011 18:09 Profile Satellite Provider

-=NoBS=-Reyfox_I wrote:

[VMA]-brnemo wrote:

..."the anger that has been tossed in -=NoBS=- direction is just plain wrong"

Well maybe if you would listen to the overwhelming majority and tell it like it is. You -=NoBS= are so far in the minority on this game yet you keep running your mouth on how great this game is. Maybe if you guys would quit lying to the DEVS you could actually help the rest of us get them to improve the game! If this game was as great as you guys say then where are all the players? You can get [TOS Violation] at me all you want for saying but facts are facts. Look at the stats over the last 4 years. You can’t argue with those facts. And you can stop with the BS that this game is less than 2 years old. Yes the public has been playing this for less than 2 years we all know that but how long do you think they had this in development and in beta testing before it was released? You think they sat around one day and said I have an idea and presto… the game was released? If you had been around when the DEVS were “killing” AA2 with their updates you would have heard of the hype of AA3. And how we just needed to be patient for its release and how it was going to be the “greatest” game ever. Well we waited and waited and it was released and we were very disappointed. It was and is not even close to a great game. (check the player stats) The concept of team play and training are its strong points but until the game play is improved it will be a fail. And all you are going to get when you defend this game and say it is the greatest game is “anger” towards you.

You know so little of what -=NoBS=- is or about, yet you try and talk with authority spewing your trash all over the place. As for minority in the game, I guess you have 2 of the top 5 servers, right? You are clueless, totally clueless. I would like for you to ACTUALLY QUOTE from any -=NoBS=- member post where WE have said that AA3 or 2 is the "greatest" game ever. Oh... that's right, you will not answer this because you will not find it anywhere except in your imagination.
From your talk, I would guess you are NOT Beta and are envious of anyone that is. Sorry, with an attitude like yours, I would not want you to be Beta. Why? Because you think you know it all. You don't. You do not know anything and your ignorance is showing. State ONE instance where "we" have LIED to the DEVS. Just ONE!!!! Oh... what do I hear??? Nothing.... silence. Typical ad homenim. You think that if you shout loud enough with your falsehoods that you will be believed. Aux contrare. I have been around from AA2 to AA3. You would have already known that if you took the time to read instead of rashly reply with the angry tone you present here. Sorry that you look, see and read through glasses that have been blacked out by your rage.

I do not like people like you saying outright lies about -=NoBS=-. No one is asking you to like or love us. But when you decide to purposely LIE in a public forum with NOTHING to back up your LIES, I take a stand against it. You say "help the rest of us". You do not know what we have done or are doing. You trash us and they say "help us". Sure......

-=NoBS=-Reyfox_I, Senior Admin

Now... put up or shut up.

next you'll say that your 26 slot servers do not suffer from performance problems and everything there is smooth as silk?


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Sergeant Major
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      Posted: 01 Apr 2011 18:11 Profile United States

The missing "fact" I was referring to in my last post, was that AA3 pre-development occurred with the original AA2 Devs, until release. What we're dealing with now is mostly a new team, who have only been on this for less than 2 years. It's a new set of people who have only just begun handling most of the work that they didn't make. I completely understand that, and no, I wouldn't make up excuses for why they "failed". Failure, is only when you give up something you couldn't finish.

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Army Project Team
Army Project Team
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      Posted: 01 Apr 2011 19:46 Profile United States

Well, what should have been an interesting and excited discussion about the release of a new map screenshot has clearly deteriorated into the muck, forcing me to lock this thread. Folks, can we please move past this? Is this really what's important?

NoBS did nothing wrong by asking for the interview and receiving one. They're proud of their AA server and their team, as they should be. The same as we all are and should be. Let's cut them a little slack.

I hope that by locking this topic, this trend in conversation passes and we get back to focusing on what appears to be an upcoming release.

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 Dev's said... 

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