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 Recruiting for AA2 


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      Posted: 03 Mar 2011 20:42 Profile

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We are recruiting for AA2

Our clan was started in November of 2006 by Menace and his two sons. We love to play America's Army as it was meant to be played. We are full of "ns", "nt", "gg's", etc.. We believe in fair play for all levels and we run a very clean server. Active in the Anti-Cheat community. As a clan, we are all friends and get along great together. Not everyone is from Texas, we have members from all over the USA and abroad. Come visit and get to know us, I am sure you will see we are a great clan!

-=Texas Elite Forces=-


What -=TEF=- has to offer
Arrow Full website with forums
Arrow 26 slot server
Arrow Teamspeak3
Arrow Great friendly environment

Please note: -=TEF=- is not a realism clan. We do compete in CEVO, but it is for the fun of the game.

Please stop by our forums and say hello

If you have any questions you can pm me here or catch me on xfire. You may also email -=TEF=-]MENACE[ at

Good luck in you search,

-=TEF=- Lead Officer
Xfire: icecoldone

 Recruiting for AA2 

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