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 [A]Healing from red (after unconsciousness) to green! 


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      Posted: 03 Feb 2011 16:13 Profile Hungary

PROBLEM: An opfor's grenade healed me to green from red stage.
1. Go unconscious
2. Have a mate patch you up
3. Take hit from a grenade while your buddy covers you from it and he dies.
4. Health back to green, to about 80%.

See attached picture for the exact location. All of us were in crouching position, my mate finished the healing completely. I saw the grenade but i was right in the edge, couldnt do anything but pray,as I was quite exposed to the grenade, though my buddy was partially between the grenade and me. Two mate died, somebody else shot the opfor, i left cover when i noticed that my health bar was in green. It displayed correct info, as i was able to run quite fast and I was shot later and it went to orange.

Weapon: SAW with softbag
Loadout: Light
Latency: very low (50-70)

Embedded Image
Green circle: teammate
red circle: grenade

Embedded Image

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 [A]Healing from red (after unconsciousness) to green! 

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