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 [R]M320 sprint and leaf Bug 


Private First Class
Posts: 56
Joined: 18 May 2010

      Posted: 19 Jan 2011 07:33 Profile

PLATFORM:AA3 version 3.0.8 build 02_111010
PROBLEM: Interrupting the leaf animation using sprint causes m320 to stop working


1. join a server and take m320 as your weapon
2. upon round start activate the m320 grenade leaf movement animation by press default H
3. Interrupt the animation by pressing sprint or crouch or prone repeat this process a few times
4. stop interrupting it and attempt to use the gun

DETAILS: the gun is broken when you do this
doesnt happen 100% of the time but it happens more than 70% of the time for myself and others

Map: all

Weapon/Loadout: m320

System Brand: Custom
Operating System: win7
CPU Model: amd x4 64bit 630
CPU Speed: 2.8ghz
System Memory: 10g ddr3
Graphics Chipset: ati 5770
Graphics Card Memory: 1g
Sound Card: onboard
Internet Connection: 8mb down 1mb up


Posts: 1
Joined: 25 Jan 2011

      Posted: 25 Jan 2011 09:44 Profile

Had it a few times too switching to flashbang and then back to gun fixxes it for me.


Private First Class
Posts: 56
Joined: 18 May 2010

      Posted: 25 Jan 2011 11:23 Profile

yer 9 out of 10 times swapping to a nade then back does work
I forgot to mention that thanks vinnie

 [R]M320 sprint and leaf Bug 

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