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 The MOUT McKenna Challenge 


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      Posted: 18 Nov 2010 21:24 Profile

The MOUT McKenna Challenge every Thursday and Sunday night.
I would like to start this in the near future, if at all possible. I will outline the scenario and then
ask if these options are possible.Any thoughts, opinions, ideas, or criticism is welcomed.

Mission: Obtain Intel on the location of a captured soldier from a terrorist camp.

Objectives: Secure and disable a terrorist camp.

Secure & Disable Terrorist Ammunition (OBJ A )
Secure & Disable Terrorist Barracks (OBJ B )
Secure & Disable Terrorist Communications (OBJ C )

At LEAST one terrorist (Opfor) MUST remain alive at games end, so that he can be interrogated on the
location of the captured soldier.


Life Points: 1 point for anyone that remains alive at games end, regardless of outcome.


2 points for everyone (dead or alive) on the whole team that secures at least 2 objectives at games end.


3 points for everyone (dead or alive) on the whole team that secures all 3 objectives.

Winning teams MUST always have at least one opfor remaining alive. 0 points will be awarded for
objectives If there are no remaining opfors alive. Only life points will be awarded.

Point Deductions:

If a player Team-kills another player then he will be deducted 1 point for each death from his point total (minus points if he has zero)

If the last remaining opfor kills himself in anyway (accidental or suicide), then he obviously loses his life point, plus a -1 Team-kill point deduction. The winning team receives their appropriate objective points (1, 2 or 3) at the time of his death.

Player Standings & Awards (just a general starting point):

Player Standings: The standings are only for a 3 month period in which the scores are reset for the next quarterly period.

Player's score is total points (P) divided by number of missions (M) = (P/M).


Game 1 total points = 3 (1 -life, 2 -objective, 0 -Team-kill)
Game 1 total points = 4 (1 -life, 3 -objective, o -Team-kill)
Game 3 total points = -1 (0 -life, 0 -objective, -1 -Team-kill)
Game 4 total points = 0 (0 -life, 0 -objective, 0 -Team-kill)

Total points = 6
Total Games = 4
Player score = 1.5 P/G (Per Game)

The Player's standings will display 100 missions maximum for each player. If a player plays more then 100 missions, then his last 100 will be averaged. A player must complete 50 missions for his score to compete for the final quarterly standings. This prevents someone getting lucky for a few games and then stops playing with a high average.

At 2-4 minutes per round (approximately 15 missions per hour), probably looking at 3 hours of playing time over a 3 month period to compete in the standings.


For arguments sake, lets say that each quarterly is worth a $25 gift card.

Every player that completes the 50 mission minimum will receive one lottery ticket. Assuming that there are 200 players in the standings,The rest of the lottery tickets would be distributed in 5 groupings as follows:

Total Players = 200 Lottery tickets

1st place = 40 Lottery tickets (40 total)
2nd-5th = 10 Lottery tickets (40 total)
6th-20th = 3 Lottery Tickets (45 total)
21st-50th = 2 Lottery Tickets (60 total)
51st-100 = 1 Lottery Tickets (50 total)

Total tickets: 435 (total players plus the 5 groupings (200 + 235) )

That means the standings winner has approximately a 10 % chance of winning the gift card.

AA Server Options and features available?

1- Random Round Timer:
Is it possible to set up an AA server in which the timer is randomly selected for each round between 2-4 minutes? If not is there any scripts that can be written for this? Worst case is setting the timer to 3 minutes every round.

2- Random Player Swap:
Is it possible to set up an AA server that can randomly swap players from each team after each round?
If not, are they any scripts that can accomplish this? Worst case is the admin manually executing this command every 3-4 rounds.

3- Server logs:
Can an AA server output the results for each mission (objectives secured, winning team, players killed,....) into a text file that can viewed by a utility or program to automatically create custom scores? Worst case is a screen shot at games end? Roe? logs?

4- Server start::
AA Server won't start the map unless a minimum of 8 players present? Worst case arrange specific times through emails.


Maybe some former and present clan / competitive players can comment on the following ideas:

Not only allowed, but encouraged to help secure objective C for both sides.

Last player alive:
You know that they want you alive so you could try to rush them. On the other hand, the winning team may try to keep flashing you until the last objective is secured or the timer runs out. They may finally have to kill you to protect their life point. Could be an entertaining last few seconds.

Squad directives:
Each squad would be responsible for one of the objectives (Honor B-C) (Loyalty A-C) unless squad leaders
instruct a team rush (Honor: B then A) (Loyalty: A then B) during the 5 second spawn delayed start?

Keep track of remaining players:
Very important to keep track of opfor for objective bonus. Easier said then done?

Random timer and team swaps (if possible):
Would make the game more unpredictable and challenging?

Helping someone out will actually help their whole team out. Awards are random and minimal so incentive for cheating would be minimal?

Will allow present / former AA players to compete on a regular basis at their own choosing, in a semi-competitive setup?

I also posted this on the AA2 Battletracker forum. If you have any comments, post away!


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      Posted: 18 Nov 2010 21:45 Profile United States

I think I can confidently make a couple comments or so on this.

First, my concern is what you're trying to do with the points. Are you just calculating the points based on the results from the logs, or are you suggesting a new scoring system?

Secondly, I believe servers do have a log, apart from the player's own log for recording their activity in game.

Server starts no matter how many people are on the server. You only need the minimum 8 for honor servers to get the points. But even so, with or without the in-game scoring, your scoring system can achieve this somewhat anyway.

Tracking the number of remaining players shouldn't be a problem. All it takes is checking who is on the server with one button. But figuring out who was killed is something you can watch in the system messages portion of the screen.

Otherwise, it is a little challenging to enforce the rule that the last man standing has to be kept alive. In fact, I can see how your scoring system itself would be flawed, since if it's the winning team that survives, it gets the point, while the losing team doesn't. Some players might forget if there's just 1 person left on the server, unless someone physically moderates/refs all the sessions.

Especially if the last remaining member of the losing team gets killed or suicides, the winning team always gets the most possible points. No life points would be awarded for any team that has no one left as you said. The winning team, then by default would get points for whatever objectives they got. You could add that if this is the scenario, this is the only time the winning team doesn't get points either for fairness. At least, this is what I can think of at the moment.

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 The MOUT McKenna Challenge 

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