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 AA3 Version Released! 


Volunteer Community Manager
Volunteer Community Manager
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      Posted: 31 Oct 2010 07:22 Profile Belgium

MetalGearSolid, no changes were made in that area as far as I am aware.

[96]Flatlander, let us know in the support section what kind of kicks you are still seeing and we'll look into it.

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      Posted: 01 Nov 2010 04:19 Profile Poland

After i download the patch and played few hours I want to say about it (have hope that somebody read that post and answer on my questions)
So we have New version of AA3 called there is a big list of in game change.
I will start from those one which improv the game
- BIG „READY” button now you can press ready after you choose weapon (before last patch ready button was only on battleplan „f4” and most people didn’t use it) You can also see who pressed ready and who didn’t.
- Improvment to game performance now everything is running better and smoother.
(but it’s not a big change the game still lagy and you have to run it on better computer than it should by running on)
And now everything what should be fixed and was buged after this patch…
- I will start from M320 (because i’m using it all the time in game) after that patch M320 was practically killed ! The change made when switch „Fire mode” it’s horrible. I don’t know who invent this but i can say that he never use this weapon in game... So now it’s look like this:
You see enemy who is running on the street so you change to „M320 Fire mode” and when you want to do this you are able only to walk if you start running the soldier will stop changing the fire mode till you stop or start walking again... So going back to situation with that running enemy you see that he is to close to use M320 so you have to change again to „Normal mode” and then try to shoot him with M16... You start changing the „fire mode” but you are on the street so you have to hide some where So you start running bihind the corner (and now the funny part) the process of changing fire mode was stoped and starting again from begining... what the... ?? you waste again time and you don’t have this time so you are death in moste situation like this.
You chang the „fire mode” start running and the change is starting from begining and again and again... THX Dev nice fix you killed M320 weapon...
- M249 hmmm... nice that weapon is still to strong in this game... 6 soldiers is running on map at light mode and the game look’s like UT or Quake . After the patch M249 get more fixjume if you use burst to long... but who use burst in this game ?? In real live does the M249 got so many fixjume when shooting ? I don’t think so... So the patch made the game unrealistic... But like i said on begin M249 is to strong in this game... So what’s the problem with that M249 ? Problem is that M249 act like M4 but have 200 bullets in box... What i want to say is that when you start running the gun is pulled down when you want to shoot you need to stop or start walking so the gun can be pulled up (and now the funny part) if you and enemy were running and both of you stop to pull up weapons the M249 is pulled up in the same time as M4 or M16... What the... ??
M249 weight: 16.41 pounds
M16 weight: 8.79 pounds
M4 weight: 7.19 pounds
So M249 is almost 2x times heavier then M16 or M4... In game you shuldn’t add patch which fixjume the weapons more often but we should force heavi automatice rifelman to walk on the map not running on the streets and shooting to all targets... So you should made a patch which add weight to waepons and then people will need to chose i want to be rifleman with M4 I will be able to move faster and I will have beter mobility in buldings or I want to be have M249 guner (even on light mode) with slower movemends but have supresif fire...
- there is bug healing incap you chose good healing option but you don’t heal... hmm... How the beta tester didn’t notic that ? Realy sad...
- If posible do something with cheaters... there is huge number of plears with unusual skill I don’t say that everyone who have stats 20 kills 0 deaths is cheatare but some of players act peculiarly and there is no way to check them if they are clear becous now it’s realy hard to proof that somebody is cheating.
So I see two good stuff add to game
- Ready button
- better battleplan
and big list of change wich was add by this patche but didn’t fix the game made new bugs and lower the satisafaction of gameplay...
Why after 16 months the game still looks like beta game and we all are beta tester in this game but nobody listen us...
Sorry for what i will say now... but for my that’s the worst patch ever add to game. Almost no change and those bugs that made the game almost unplayable in the League...
Now the worst thing is that we will have to play with those bugs which were add in this patch for next 4-5 months... Thats SAD... =(
And the last for me THE PATCH should be removed and we all should play again version 3.0.8

Thanks for reading that long post...


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Joined: 30 Oct 2010

      Posted: 05 Nov 2010 13:00 Profile

This patch is okay. Some annoyed bugs, literally annoyed ones, are not fixed yet.

Why does my rifle goes to safe mode EVERYTIME I reload it? It's annoyed.

Everytime we respawn, It looks unrealistic. Its like hover with a funny pose for 1 or 2 seconds before the game begins. It is so wrong on so many levels.


Private First Class
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      Posted: 06 Nov 2010 20:55 Profile

aslexists wrote:

This patch is okay. Some annoyed bugs, literally annoyed ones, are not fixed yet.

Why does my rifle goes to safe mode EVERYTIME I reload it? It's annoyed.

Everytime we respawn, It looks unrealistic. Its like hover with a funny pose for 1 or 2 seconds before the game begins. It is so wrong on so many levels.

Because that is how you're taught to do it in BCT IIRC.

1.) Switch to SAFE
2.) Eject magazine
3.) Clear chamber
4.) Take new mag & smack against side of Kevlar Cover to clear dust
5.) Push new mag into weapon
6.) Close chamber
7.) Switch from SAFE to desired fire mode & fire.

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      Posted: 06 Nov 2010 20:59 Profile United States


When reloading in AA3 the game switches the rifle to safe and back to fire mode automatically. This issue I believe he is complaining about is the bug where the game does not switch it back to fire mode after reloading finishes as it is suppose to.

 AA3 Version Released! 

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