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 Play AA2.8.5 on mac 


Posts: 42
Joined: 08 Nov 2009

      Posted: 07 Oct 2010 18:14 Profile United States

Hey Theres a way you can play AA2.8.5 on mac.Its a software called Parallels.
I use to play the mac version but then they quite hosting the sever.So I stop playing AA but then one day my dad got Parallels.And it works great for the Mac os x version 10.6.4
I went to to see if it would work for AA and yes it passed the recommended.It works great not slow and hardly ever any lag.
I would recomend this to anyone ho loves to Play AA and that has a mac.

go there and get it.install it and Play AA2.8.5 Hope to see more playes like me to do what it takes to play AA.
Go get some!!!

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Posts: 29
Joined: 24 Nov 2007

      Posted: 07 Oct 2010 18:28 Profile United States

Nice info AKsniper!


U.S. Navy Veteran

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Posts: 22
Joined: 23 Jul 2008

      Posted: 21 Oct 2010 04:49 Profile

But again, this is only supported for Intel Macs, anything works for non intel mac?

 Play AA2.8.5 on mac 

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