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 EagleReid's Guide! 


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      Posted: 24 Sep 2010 16:45 Profile United States

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This is the guide I've composed for new players (and maybe for veterans who want to freshen up on their game skill). Enjoy and I hope it helps you down the line.

These tips are in no particular order.

-When on "Alley" (Map) in V.I.P. (Very Important Person) mode, it's imperative that as the V.I.P. that you make sure that your squad always follows closely and watches point (front), rear, left, right, & even above your direction.
In building(s), secure ALL entrances and make them inaccessible!
Move out when clear.
Provide distraction in the opposing direction that the V.I.P. is going to attempt to distract the enemy and make them become unaware of the V.I.P.'s real direction and make them think that you're direction is the direction in which the V.I.P. is coming (Ex. If V.I.P. is traveling West with his remaining squad, one person should break off and head down East and make noise whether it be with smoke grenades, flash bangs, gun fire, what have you - just make sure the enemy can hear it). This doesn't always work and don't use it so many times in a row as the opposing team will automatically be aware of your intentions. Change things up after each round.

-Do NOT shoot unless you have a clear shot. If you shoot and miss and the enemy goes behind the wall, chances are he's calling for back-up and when you near the corner, you could be downed rather quickly. It's best for you also to call in back-up and report that enemy's position so that there's less of a chance of death in combat.

-Do NOT crowd too closely to your teammate for if a nade goes off, it can get both of you. Maintain a far enough distance where if a nade did go off, you could pick your friend back up and continue to complete the objective.

-Maintain constant "comms" (communication), but remember, if close, the enemy can hear you. Do NOT spam VOIP or chat (usually results in a kick)! Example of spamming - Hitting the M key severals times to call for a medic.

-Know the difference between friend and foe!
The image I created might help distinguish the difference:
Embedded Image

-Complete and pass all your training. This makes playing the game a whole lot easier and a lot of fun!

-Report enemies as you spot them. This means their location (even if it's a relevant location). Another way of doing this is by scoping in on the enemy by right clicking and pushing z and it will report their location if you're looking at them through the scope (this is for long range distances), otherwise in short range you can just look at them and push the "Z" key.

-TRY to stick in pairs of TWO! Going back to distance, maintain and even distance so that if something happens, you can identify the situation rather quickly and neutralize the issue.

-Obey your commander and fire team leader.

-Be careful about rushing, frags can be around and hit you when you least expect them. There are other consequences to rushing that could result in team defeat rather quickly. It's best to take it easy and advance to the objective with confidence.

- Ever heard of the "Eyes in the back of your head" expression? Mimic it! Make sure someone in your squad always watches the rear so that you prevent enemies from performing a surprise attack on you.

-Careful that you warn teammates BEFORE throwing a frag (nade) so you don't cook them with you're nade. Make sure you state where you're chunking the nade also so they can clear that area.

-It's imperative that you use your map! Can be done by clicking the Tab key which opens and lowers it or you may use the one at the bottom of your screen. Not only does the map show you where things are including objectives, but also shows you friendlies. By using it, you shouldn't have a lot of friendly fire mishaps.

-Feel free to re-do any training courses to freshen up in that area. You'll notice that your score will probably improve replacing that old training score if you've been catching on when playing online. Remember: The training is there to help you, not to hurt you.

-Be respectful to all players & remember, it's just a game (a really good game) Very Happy
The people you are playing with are real people behind a computer just wanting to have a fun time.

-If you're new, let your team know. You'll be surprised at all the help your team will give you.

-Familiarize yourself with the objective. Set a strategy to accomplish the objective. Complete the objective after the team knows and acknowledges your strategy. Make sure all agree so that the operation runs smoothly.

-If someone is causing trouble, consult with the admin. If one is not on, start a vote-kick.

-Careful with the M-320, those nade capsules (bullets) will kill someone if the capsule hits them before exploding. I learned that the hard way Embarassed

-General rule of thumb: Use the weapon you're most comfortable with. This, of course, is up to you though.

-It's best to aim at long-range distances. You may aim even at short-range distances (not recommended when in a close-firefight). Firefight in the way I use it in the previous sentence is basically a very close combat where enemy and friendly are not but feet away from each other firing. I didn't mean actually fighting fire ;)

-When in the open, move quickly, but sneaky, to cover.

-Reload after a heavy gunfight. Try not to end up in a melee-war because you've no ammo and the chances of winning are not so hot if the enemy has ammo! Should you be in a melee-only situation, run to a corner QUICKLY and reload.

-If you need urgent medical care, hit the M keyboard button (calls for "Medic!) and then U keyboard button (reports your location so the medic knows where to go)! Do not hit the medic key more than once in a short period of time, it's spamming which usually isn't tolerated.

-Careful about typing in the text chat system. Make sure you're in a safe area when doing so. It stinks when you're killed while typing ;)

-Be safe, be cautious, and have fun!!

Basic keyboard controls that you need to know:

T > Team text chat
Y > Global text chat (both teams and spectators can see)
V > Allows you to talk with microphone (keep pressed during your transmission and let go when finished)
TAB > Minimizes and maximizes map
M > Calls for "Medic!"
U > Reports your current location
If you keep Z pressed, you'll have a menu in which you use your mouse to navigate around that has all the call-outs.
W,A,S,& D and/or the directional keys (up, down, left, right) make you move. You use your mouse to look in a certain direction, your directional keys to move.
Left click - shoot
Right click - aim

CTRL- Melee

This concludes my tutorial. I hope you found it helpful! Thanks for viewing it!

Image source of soldiers and flag - America's Army Webmaster Kit


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 EagleReid's Guide! 

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