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 GACGL Draft 


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Joined: 25 Aug 2010

      Posted: 25 Aug 2010 23:11 Profile

Hello my name is noobie and I am the head admin at
We are hosting an event on September 9th, and we would like to get as many players as possible to help increase America's Army's popularity.


Hello players of Americas Army.

GACGL is here to bring you our version of the America's Army draft night.
We're adding our own twist to it, more or less a simplification of the process.

Everyone that wants to participate will have to sign up and register an account on GACGL
Players will then have to go to The Draft page and find the sign ups tab to join the event.

This will be a round robin tournament, every team will face each other team. The team that comes away with the most matches won at the end of the night wins the $100 cash (paypal) prize. (At the moment the prize pot is at $100, but if there are more donations via GACGL Staff or any gamers from AA obviously the prize goes up.)

How teams will be picked: Three days before the event which we be on September 9th through the 10th if need be, GACGL Staff will contact randoms players to be "Team Captains" these captains will then get to chose from the pool of players. If there is an uneven amount of players unfortunately some people may not be chosen to play.

How the matches will work:
Each match will consist of 8 rounds. 4 rounds per side.
Once the match is done the losing team is to report the loss on the GACGL's site.
Or to an Admin on the ventrillo being used for the event.
The vent server we will be using (provided by i9.)
Port: 3816
No password needed.

Servers can be provided by GACGL through Tactical Game-Servers or via the teams player. This is a personal preference.

Payment will be done via PayPal each player of the winning team is to send me (-Noobie.) a PM on the GACGL forums with the information needed to send you the winnings.

Date: September 9th through the 10th if needed. This will be on a Friday and Saturday for easiest scheduling.
The time: The even will start at 5PM EST. However, if the majority of the players feel the time should start earlier or later the staff will post a poll inquiring as to what time would be best.

Thanks for taking a look
- noobie

 GACGL Draft 

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