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 TWL NA 4v4 Fall League 


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Joined: 11 Jan 2004

      Posted: 31 Jul 2010 07:25 Profile United States

Americas Army North American 4v4 Fall League

Team Warfare League is proud to present the 2010 North American 4v4 Fall League! This will be TWL's first league in over a year which will consist of seperate Open and Intervite Conferences. This is to ensure that every team at every skill level will have a chance to be competitive and make a run towards the Title. We invite your team to join us this Fall for great gaming and great fun! Below are some specifics for the upcoming event :

Team Size: 4v4
Default League Night: Monday 9:30 PM EST
Format: 12 rounds, 6 on each side
Anti Cheat : CDC
Sign-ups open: July 31st, 2010
Close Signups: TBA
Start Date: August 23rd, 2010

Points System
Wins = 1 Point
Loss = 0 Points
Forfeit Loss = -1 Points

The League will consist of a 1 week Pre-Season and 9 weeks of Regular Season play which is followed by the playoffs. Matches are to be played on Monday @ 9:30 PM EST, but teams can reschedule if both agree. Any questions or for more detailed information, please visit our NA League forums at

Maplist :

Pre-Season (No O/T)
Weapons Cache SE (5 min)

Regular Season (Rotating O/T Map List of UA/SS/Mout)
Week 1 : Urban Assault (3 Min)
Week 2 : Insurgent Camp (3 Min)
Week 3 : Mountain Ambush (5 Min)
Week 4 : Pipeline (4 Min)
Week 5 : SF Sandstorm (3 Min)
Week 6 : Border (5 Min)
Week 7 : Collapsed Tunnel (3 Min)
Week 8 : River Basin (6 Min)
Week 9 : Mout McKenna (3 Min)


Semi Finals
Map 1 : Urban Assault
Map 2 : River Basin
O/T : Mout McKenna

Conference Finals
Map 1 : Mountain Ambush
Map 2 : Collapsed Tunnel
O/T : SF Sandstorm

Map 1 : Weapons Cache SE
Map 2 : Mout McKenna
O/T : Urban Assault

If your team is new to TWL and would like to join this league, follow these instructions to create a new team:
Go to the create-a-team page.
Fill out each field with the specified information.
After your team has been created, go to your team's page and click "Join a New Competition."

More information can be found in our America's Army forum. Also, you can contact the admin team at or hop on IRC: #twl_aa. So join the fun! Get ready for the NA Fall 4v4 League!

Thank You,
NA Lead League Admin
E-Mail :
Xfire : xdraususx
(Feel free to contact me anytime)

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 TWL NA 4v4 Fall League 

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