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 Linux/server file names 


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Joined: 31 May 2010

      Posted: 02 Jun 2010 07:16 Profile

Another one to try the patience of our faithful DediKiddy(TM) coaches.

In the mod_security thread, Dix mentioned something that I didn't want to complicate that already information-rich thread.

We inexperienced player should all know by now that Linux and other flavors of Unix are case sensitive.

But how does the server read the names of files (I'm having trouble phrasing this question)?

I'd thought that it was safe (i.e., to render a file "invisible") to rename poodle.conf to poodle.conf.bad or poodle.conf.BU.

But Dix raised the possibility that, at least for modsec rules and config files anything that starts with the appropriate string will be interpreted as if it were valid.

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      Posted: 10 Jun 2010 04:01 Profile Finland

filenames are case sensitive and some portions of commands should be also written as theyre intended to do, like -CONFIGSUBDIR ;)

AA2.XX linux version is somewhat funny when it comes to the filenames, it can actually launch the game and server and it can even work okay for a while, when youre "misspelled" the name, for example maps sfhospital.aao can work, even it should be written as SFHospital.aao, i mean when u boot up server with minor letters it can actually run but when admin changes map or so, it causes crashing (or not) ;) get my point here? you cannot be sure which solution works, better just to stick into that whats written in manual and by experienced server admins here @forums, or youll end into loads of problems Very Happy

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 Linux/server file names 

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