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 How To Add Scrolling Rules To Your AA2 Server! 


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      Posted: 09 Apr 2010 18:09 Profile United Kingdom

Creating Your Rules Configuration File via Notepad!

To make it easy for you, open a blank notepad file and save the blank file with the name of: ServerRules.cfg

You now need to enter specific information in to this notepad file. First of all, you need to write the following;

pb_sv_task 60 300 say
The above command tells the server to perform this task after 60 seconds of it being running and will repeat the task every 300 seconds.

Now after the "say" part, then this is where you write the message.
For example: pb_sv_task 60 300 say No Spawn Camping!
However, if you would like this message in a specific colour or more, you will need to add an additonal function just before the message.
This example would be: pb_sv_task 60 300 say à@@No Spawn Camping!
More colour codes can be found here:

So now you will be starting to create something like this:

pb_sv_task 60 300 say à@@No Spawn Camping!
pb_sv_task 63 300 say ¤@@No Swearing!
pb_sv_task 66 300 say àà@No Racism or Sexism!
pb_sv_task 69 300 say à@@No votekicking if theres an admin present!

and you get the idea.

Now, save the notepad file once again ensuring that the file is being saved as a config file: (Example: ServerRules.cfg)

Uploading Your File To The Servers FTP!

Firstly, proceed to logging in to your servers FTP.
Secondly, proceed to the following by using this path: aa > System > PB
You now need to drag the notepad file in to your PB folder and then wait until it successfully uploads to the FTP.
Exit the FTP and restart the server.

Loading It On To Your GameServer!

Finally, enter your gameserver as a super admin and type the following command:

admin pb_sv_load ServerRules.cfg (Or whatever you saved the file as)

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 How To Add Scrolling Rules To Your AA2 Server! 

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