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 NEW AA3 Fan Site & Competition League 


Private First Class
Posts: 205
Joined: 04 Apr 2008

      Posted: 01 Mar 2010 16:06 Profile United States

I've developed a league system in combination with a new fan site.

This isn't your ordinary forum league or paid website script. This is a custom designed web application that can be easily modified and is powered by Zoho Creator. The web application is an interactive form based script. All you have to do is sign up for a Zoho account or sign in via a supported 3rd part login (aka - accounts you already have - gmail, yahoo or facebook)

I'm looking for people to test out a new league system I'm working on and provide feedback and suggestions. While your there feel free to sign up for website and team as well.

Xfire - dgodfather (If you'd like to chat)

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Sergeant Major
Posts: 4165
Joined: 17 Jun 2009

      Posted: 01 Mar 2010 17:11 Profile United Kingdom

Good idea. I think that it has a lot of potential!

Good luck to all BETAs and developers!

Former AA [Support] Volunteer


Posts: 615
Joined: 22 Mar 2005

      Posted: 01 Mar 2010 18:57 Profile United States

Sounds like a good idea.

Good Luck!

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America's Army | Beta Tester | Competition Forums Moderator


Private First Class
Posts: 205
Joined: 04 Apr 2008

      Posted: 02 Mar 2010 20:27 Profile United States

Plenty of interest and page views, but no one siging up... Come on guys!

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Can YOU handle the frag?

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Private First Class
Posts: 205
Joined: 04 Apr 2008

      Posted: 24 May 2010 11:39 Profile United States

Anyone care to help out with testing?


Posts: 4
Joined: 21 Aug 2007

      Posted: 01 Jun 2010 08:20 Profile

I will talk to some people in my clan and see if they are on board.


Private First Class
Posts: 205
Joined: 04 Apr 2008

      Posted: 27 Oct 2010 09:51 Profile United States

Just an update...

I've decided to put this all in combination with a new fan site I'm developing. Click any link that says "*Beta League System" to test out the league script.

I've update the league script and it has some great new features with more coming.

Current Features:
Ticket support system
Match Scheduling
Match Reports and Records
Scrim Scheduling
Player Profiles
Team List
Challenge List
User List
Scrim List
Team Roles (This feature is a work in progress)


Posts: 1
Joined: 29 Oct 2010

      Posted: 29 Oct 2010 22:43 Profile

Hey, dgodfather if you are looking for a site to do this on, let us know.

We can create a ladder and tournament for you. Just need to know what you need. Visit this site:

We are all about taking care of gamers.

Shoot me a message if you need anything or if you have any questions.


 NEW AA3 Fan Site & Competition League 

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