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 No Linux client for the latest AA3? Where's the Freedom? 


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Joined: 11 Dec 2010

      Posted: 11 Dec 2010 03:51 Profile

several things happened to them with previous clients that caused multicollinearity in their usage statistics. first and foremost, many of the people that run linux and have since the early 2000's didnt even know their game existed. i didnt find it until earlier this year. the revision im running is 5 years old... the linux community as a whole dont expect games to be developed for them.. in the history of *nix ... no game developer has ever got behind a unix OS (with the exception of a couple mac games). all of them stuck with their cookie cutter windows tool sets and horrendous license fees. until the latest revisions of linux... the most powerful OS ever created really wasnt idiot proof either.. which means walmart wasnt going to sell it. i was aware that a few engine developers were working towards a support for unix,, but where are the products? finally,,, leave it to the government to push something out... and then not stick with it.

ITS A FREE GAME PEOPLE!!! RELEASE IT TO THE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY! How do you think we got linux? the community will write this for you if you let them.

why are you buying this Micro$oft crap? it is unstable,, insecure,,,, and cost to much. oh you need ms office? well linux has it for free... and not only can we save things in all MS formats we created our own formats too... as well as supporting many of mac's proprietary formats. we can manage contacts, sync to cell phones, check emails, edit graphics etc... as good as any proprietary software out there. 99.9% of it is open source. and linux will do these things without having to be rebooted once a day so it will run.

but i digress from my soapbox... just please dont give me the lame excuse about the last guy that did it had to write his own server browser for 2.5....(squeaky voice) oh for the love of humanity.. how could life get any worse than having to write the code yourself... whatever shall we do? (i can say this legitimately.. i spend an average of 12 hours a day programming for a living) the boys that wrote Assist didnt have any problems writing a usable interface. these cats with their radar and superman powers dont seem to even have trouble reverse engineering the binary and splicing their in superpowers while constantly trying to stealth PB.... i think the community can handle it. turn it loose.. you arent making money with it anyway. just my 20 cents.

boo on you not supporting linux. for that matter... boo on you spending my hard earned tax dollars on that MS junk for all the military instead of using a free open source equivalent that is more stable. after a basic course, if your personnel cant operate the OS, they should be equipped with a hammer and a box of nails or maybe a shovel instead of a keyboard. (taught tech course for the air national guard for a while too... no one who ever gets to hold a gun should need to take a course on any microsoft office product.)


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      Posted: 19 Dec 2010 14:53 Profile Germany

Buddy ... =)
Look, 90% of the people on the market use Windows.
These people WANT to pay money for something unreliable.
Otherwise I can't at least explain why so many use it.
Look, like this:
Everybody shouts that privacy is important.
And then comes facebook, and the people start posting way more information that would be neccessary to produce the "transparent citizen".
Or take politics:
"A free democratic nation has no need for weapons of mass destruction". Look up who it was.
And then look at the country that was targeted in that particular speech ( a military dictatorship ) and the country that was implied asa reference ( the country with still the greatest arsenal of WMD's in the world after Russia ).
People are not .. sensible.. or reasonable.
Think about the Wikileak-Issue. Nothing was published you couldn't find in otherwise publically accessible ressources as far as I browsed the files. Just here all the informations are first-hand informations confirming what everybody else was stating from witnessship and calculations.

The issue why Linux isn't supported is, basically, this, as far as I can think of it:
a) to develop a client is work which the current set of dev's can't handle in a timely manner
b) the involved license-fees are in no relationship to the additionally reached audience.
c) with the current licenses, FOSS'ing the sourcecode is not permitted
d) Developing a game of the same quality on non-license-burdened software would take more time than the intended schedule permits the Dev's to spend.
e) The dev's most probably were trained on the currently used software.
f) The FOSS' community doesn't guarantee ( with the ability to force legal action and get money back in case of errors ) new, up-to-specification releases of the software.

That, quite possibly, the FOSS community would yield results faster in a more stable and timely manner is of little interest here. At my workplace we use mostly FOSS applications, but we have a few programs we use from closed source vendors, namely those we can sue to hell in case of a software-failure.
Those companies that did not agree on a contract within that pretext... well, we went Open Source in those cases.


Posts: 8
Joined: 11 Dec 2010

      Posted: 20 Dec 2010 04:00 Profile

No doubt the wiki leaks mess was nothing more than the use of freedom of speech as a tool to take it away.
Had a little trouble finding that quote again.. But I distinctly remember seeing something like that before.

As to the inability of our government to make sound decisions on balancing economy with liability... (i don't know what I was expecting,,,i mean none of us are really accountable for our actions....are we? Who can we blame)

Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. ~ H. L. Mencken



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Joined: 11 Dec 2010

      Posted: 20 Dec 2010 04:02 Profile

posted twice on me... Wasnt my fault though..poor programming.. If I had written it,i would have used a queue and checked for duplicates. Just joking..


Posts: 14
Joined: 16 Jun 2004

      Posted: 12 Feb 2011 11:40 Profile

Here I sit confused and saddened.
I have just looked back into AA after a break of over 7 years.... Wow I hear you say. I have retired now and have more time and thought I would try it again but like you I mourn the loss of a Linux Distro.

My whole family use Ubuntu with the option of booting into Windoze on almost all computers except 2 which were self built so no M$ distro to go on them.

The point is that I, personally, have converted about 30 people to use Linux and only 4 go back to Windoze and that is because they need it for specific programed not available in Linux.

In my world Linux, specifically Ubuntu, is in the majority not the minority. People have woken up to the facts and don't trust M$ due to the constant need for faster, bigger and more expensive hardware to manage to boot the latest and shiniest M$ distro.

I know I am talking to the converted here but when will Schools, Business and Governments stop the pushing of M$ and let us have a true choice. In the UK you can't buy a computer without Windoze on it and get looked at as if you are some sort of freak when you ask. Even IBM/Lenovo have stopped distributing Linux pre-installed.

Someone made the comment earlier that 90% of Internet Servers are Unix based. Well it goes further than that. 90%+ of WiFi routers, Modems, Shop Tills, Building Security Systems and increasingly Mobile phones run a form of Linux. Windoze is loosing in the back office but persists in the front end but why.... MONEY.

AA please bring back Linux Distros of AA parallel to Windoze versions. Do us all a favour and release Linux only and tell people to install Linux dual boot so it pushes even more people towards a better cleaner and faster OS. You would only have to support one version then. You can even dual boot a Mac now with Ubuntu.......

I doubt it will happen because most IT Pros are Windoze orientated so would be out of a job......

Medal of Honor it is then... on my daughter's Wii?


Posts: 8
Joined: 11 Dec 2010

      Posted: 12 Feb 2011 14:11 Profile

come play with us on 2.5.... it still has a strong linux following and a close community. when we get tired of AA we jump over to bzflag and do damage there.


Posts: 14
Joined: 16 Jun 2004

      Posted: 13 Feb 2011 12:13 Profile

I will download 2.5 Linux and install on my little laptop and see how it goes. My user name used to be [HIT] but when I tried to log in it said there was no user and when I created a new login to the forum it allowed me so presumably my honor have gone West by now. Evil or Very Mad

Mind reading some of the angry Windoze users version 3 is not all that either and looks like AA has not been developed for them for going on a year anyway.

 No Linux client for the latest AA3? Where's the Freedom? 

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