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 New soldier! Couple of inexperienced player questions! 


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      Posted: 13 Nov 2009 15:52 Profile United States

Something else to consider, if your calling out a location "Hotel back alley" for example, it's assumed you see an enemy there, thus saving time by removing enemy from the phrase, you may want to come back with "Two Hotel back alley" on another transmission, we should try and transmit on a clear net ( Don't transmit while someone else is, A.K.A. Don't walk on them ), meaning everyone should use their time wisely, however if you have something urgent to report, for example a flank in progress and the last transmitting unit is either transmitting a less urgent message and/or is not yielding to other traffic then you might consider walking on them, someone just might hear you.

Try and use directions that match the compass, this is helpful because new players, players new to the map or with little play time in the map may not know where the "Windmill" is when they spawn in the Ranch house, you can also use you keypad to call out basic directions using your keypad and cut down on VOIP clutter, there is also an enemy spotted key you can use to put a red mark on the map where you see an enemy, which is very useful if you don't know how to quicky describe the location because someone else may be able to tell where they are from the mark.

Regarding location again, that's another reason to not request medic with VOIP, if someone only hears "Hotel back Alley" and not "I need a medic, hotel back alley" then they may stay clear of you and go for the objective instead, so it's better to use the medic call and report in, of course we all tend to do a little more when we are obviously being ignored being extreme about it over VOIP is simply annoying at best, if your calls are being ignored, politely ask for a medic over VOIP at your location and let it go, if someone walks by you politely ask if they can heal you and let it go, no sense in the drama and cursing people, there may be a reason they are ignoring you, they may be trying to secure the area first, they may not be able to revive you and are just not thinking that they could still heal you, they may be new to the game and/or have trouble with this area of the game, and other possibilities, give it a rest and don't get all bent out of shape, it's a game, it's suppose to be fun, and when people act like that it's no fun for anyone and the same can be said for those that want to rule the net ( Hog it ).

Don't beg for weapons, if you feel your better in a certain role and your swap request is being ignored then ask, once, politely, if they will swap with you and regardless of the answer, even if you don't get one, just drop it, maybe they are just in a slump, we all have them.

If you want to be the leader then get the leader slot and lead, the game has the ability for the leader to assign direction and areas of operation with rally points and objectives, press F4 in game and click on legend for a better understanding of the battle plan. Nothing is more obnoxious than someone trying to lead everyone over VOIP and they don't even have the leader slot, second place would be someone picking the leader slot and either not assigning rally points/areas of operation and objectives, or only assigning objectives, it better to give rally points/areas of operation in the beginning and then move them to the objectives you had in mind after they have secured the rally point/area of operation.

If the leader is leading then you should be using the battle planner ( F4 ) to decide where your going and not teaming up in VOIP ignoring the plan, that's cluttering the net and putting your team at risk. If you and your friend want to go together then get on the same fireteam to be sure, if you think there should be two fireteams going to your location then speak up, share your thoughts with the leader, but be willing to accept their judgement on the matter, you can always try to swap with them or try and get the leader slot next match.

If you have a slot and you know your not that experienced with it and someone has selected to swap with you you might consider giving it to them and taking one for the team, it might be the difference between winning and loosing and if your loosing several rounds and several people have selected to swap you, you should swap.


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      Posted: 18 Nov 2009 07:43 Profile Barbados

This thread is pretty helpful. thank you for all those who contribute and those who are about to.


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      Posted: 27 Feb 2011 19:00 Profile United States

If you want to perform as if you are in a real combat situation, use the SALUTE Format.
S=Size (how many baddies do you see?)
A=Activity (what are they doing? sitting there waiting for your buddies 320 rd to hit them in the head? Engaging someone in a certain direction?)
L=Location (also tap 'U' on the keyboard or 'Z')
T=Time... don't sweat this one (ie don't use it) the rounds aren't that long.
E=Equipment... some like this / others don't. I personally would like to know if you are looking at the squad sniper or just another assault infantryman.


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      Posted: 07 Mar 2011 00:39 Profile

salute/salt reports are for reporting to higher, via radio or BFT not ever at a team/squad level. Only 2 things are really needed; what it is and where it is. How that gets put out will vary depending on situation and a units procedures. Often is something like truck, 2 oclock, 300 meters. But whatever it might be, it will be simple and brief. It helps when you know the guys your with better than their mother, and have a real good idea of what they will do before they do it. Which really is not gonna happen in AA. For that you have to sign on the line.

 New soldier! Couple of inexperienced player questions! 

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