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 ESL 1on1 Objective Cup 

ESL | Pegesus

Posts: 13
Joined: 13 Jul 2009

      Posted: 26 Aug 2009 07:13 Profile Europe

Special ESL Objective 1on1 Cup


Signup Open: Tuesday 25th August 6:00pm CET
Signup Close: Friday 4th September 9:00pm CET
First match: Monday 7th September and then Wednesday 9th September for finals.
Format team: 1on1
Maps: Mout, Insurgent Camp, Pipeline, Poolday, Tunnel and Urban Assault



Equality Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all matches! The zip files must be uploaded after the match by all players. We suggest you enable auto upload before you join the match!
If the winning team can't provide 4 full Equality files, the match will be overturned if the losing team can provide 4 full EQ files. If they can't provide them, the match will be replayed.

In case of an EQ error, a screenshot of the error must be uploaded with ESL and your taskbar time! Besides, you have to zip your screenshots manually and upload them!

Demorecs, pb_plist and endscore screenshot

As in all ESL matches, demorecs and pb_plist/pb_power screenshots are mandatory!
If the other team request a demorec, the player or team must upload the demo within 24 hours!

Sign your team up at

Embedded Image


Sergeant Major
Posts: 4165
Joined: 17 Jun 2009

      Posted: 28 Aug 2009 05:20 Profile United Kingdom

Done Very Happy

Former AA [Support] Volunteer


Staff Sergeant
Posts: 563
Joined: 18 Mar 2009

      Posted: 30 Aug 2009 14:27 Profile United Kingdom

All too complicated m8 - You have to remember some of us left school before the electronic calculator was invented. The only zip i have stops my member falling out of my pants Cool

 ESL 1on1 Objective Cup 

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