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 {APG} is Looking for Scrimmages and Alliances 


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Joined: 18 Sep 2008

      Posted: 26 Jul 2009 12:22 Profile

On the behalf of {APG} Allied Precise Gunmen, I would like cordially invite anyone who is interested in scrimmages or alliances with {APG} to join us. We are looking for likeminded teams that keep to the Army core values and that have a tactical mind set for a fun gaming experience.

What we can offer you is a tactical realism clan that has been around since 2002. We have recently returned from a long hiatus, after which time a large number of our old ranks have returned. This gives us a very experienced team with a full active roster currently at around 20 members that utilizes a full Army ranking system.

Our Info:
Ventrillo Server IP: Port 4798
AA3 Honor Server: (Default Port)

We also actively use Xfire and can be reached most any time.
So if you are interested please feel free to drop by our Website and check us out. While you’re there leave us a post in the Public Relations section of our forum for any comments or to schedule a time to scrim.

Allied Precise Gunmen Public Relations
Xfire or AIM screen name: pukinpr

What we need to know about your clan:
Clan name:
Average Ages:
Time Zone:
When would you best be available:
Contact Info:
Previous Scrimmage or TWL experience:

Ventrillo and a Mic are required, the same as for all our recruits.

For Alliances (only)
Why you would like to become an ally of ours:

Embedded Image
By pukinpr at 2009-07-25

 {APG} is Looking for Scrimmages and Alliances 

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