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 Login Trouble FAQ - Read Before Posting 


AA Community Manager
AA Community Manager
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Joined: 13 Jul 2002

      Posted: 09 Jul 2009 10:50 Profile United States

Before making an account support request, please confirm whether or not you're able to login with your account here -

Error "AA3 WEB has encountered an application error.

Error Message:
Incorrect Login

Additional Information:
Date/Time: 20:22:33 America/New_York
IP Address: XX.XX.XX.XX
Request URL: /index.php"

means you have a bad password. Request a new one here:

If successful, this most likely means that AA3 is being blocked by a firewall or security program. Please ensure that AA3Game.exe has full internet access through any such programs. A few common ones are:

Zone Alarm
Peer Guardian

If you lost/don't remember your password - request a new one here - http://login.aa3.americasarmy....assword

If you need assistance with firewall related issues, please feel free to e-mail

If you're unable to login to the above link, please make sure you check the following details first before posting in this forum.

1) Please make sure that you log in to the game with your Account Name not your Soldier Name as this will not work.

2) Please make sure you have spelled your account name correctly

3) Please make sure you have actually created an AA3 Account. AA2 Accounts will not work with AA3 as it is an entirely new game.

Assuming you have checked the above tips, and can still not log in, please proceed to post a thread in this forum with your account login name (not Soldier) and issue.

Thank you.


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 Login Trouble FAQ - Read Before Posting 

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