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 General news and disappointed to hear no new linux client 


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Joined: 05 Apr 2009

      Posted: 05 Apr 2009 07:14 Profile

I am a fan of AA and have played it over the years, it has been a lot of fun. I am disappointed to hear that AA will no longer update the Linux/BSB ecosystem even though they are happy to use the linux servers.

AA developers should note that Linux has now will be coming of age and the storm that is brewing around windows is set to shift the power to Linux. I myself am migrating over to Ubuntu and have completed 6 out of 8 machines xp pro machine as of this posting.

As most of us know games in Linux have not been good. However, new is filtering out that a team or researchers have been working on the linux kernal and other components with the ICC compiler. They have quoted performance figure of 7-8% faster on the same hardware vs using the GCC compiler or window based system. What is staggering is the frame rate jumps by 200 frames per second for a game like quake 3. The ICC compiler is the Intel C C++ compiler.

On this news a number of leading game developers have re-examine are begining moving over to linux and recognised the rapid growing market that it is with very little competition from other developers, the going number of tools.

The other factor that is playing on windows xp customers when they find out is the end of mainstream suppport ends on the 14-4-2009 for home and pro editions of XP. So in a short period of time xp will become unsupported.

As you may realise many xp users will find themselve needing to upgrade and in these hard economic time many are going to look at saving money.. Having old hardware and software is going to mean a double hit to get Windows 7 or Vista.

However distro like Ubuntu have come of age and are now ready for the desktop. Hardware support is excellent, with a huge repository for customers to download from. Also Sun, IBM, Novel just to mention a few are backing Open source.

When I show people that a Ubuntu Gnome running on a bottom end laptop 1.6GHz Celeron (Which is not certified for Vista at all) exhibiting the characteristics of windows 7 desktop. They are blown away. When they hear the price of a copy they are further impressed. My testing of 9.04 at Beta shows a marked improvement in useably. While my testing of Windows 7 reveals bugs that have been present since windows 95 that have not been fixed. For example if you try and read a chm help file over a network in windows it doesn't display the pages at all. In Ubuntu, you see everything no matter where the file is.

From the AA developers, I only ask that if you are going to abandon the growing open source operating systems community, you at least make an effort to try and make the install and distro of AA work under wine. If it doesn't work straight is at least create a script file for playonlinux to configure wine to work. As a community we are managing to make many popular programs work and many older popular games.

I know that the moderators will close this tread and many die hard windows supporters will flame me as some linux zealt. I have used windows since the dos days but now I recognise the time for change has come.

I look forward to AA working one day under a linux ecosystem again.



Private First Class
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Joined: 18 Aug 2008

      Posted: 05 Apr 2009 12:52 Profile United States

Hehe, no one is going to close your thread in here, the moderators don't read this forum unless there's an issue anyways.

While there are plenty of First Person Shooters out there for Linux, none of them offer an experience like AA does.


Staff Sergeant
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      Posted: 05 Apr 2009 13:42 Profile Germany

- Everybody CAN install Windows these days, even the Macs. So there is no urgent need for the Army to pay manhours for someone to port it to Linux.
- The number of people who use Linux ONLY is so LOW. My personal guess is, some are crying for a Linux installation while having a Win installation.
- If they (the few with really only Linux) REALLY wanted to play, they can simply install Win. This solution is maybe too easy.


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Joined: 21 Feb 2010

      Posted: 21 Feb 2010 00:08 Profile

After gaining more and more server and client log files from both the community ... We are aware that this news will disappoint many of you, and we would like to ..



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 General news and disappointed to hear no new linux client 

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