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 I need help/information from other linux server admins 


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Joined: 12 Nov 2008

      Posted: 30 Mar 2009 09:10 Profile Finland


because of this not-so-well known issue of 2.8.4 linux server crashing with wrong default bootup map, id like to know what maps are you guys using to start your linux servers, and if you could also add some featrured info about server/settings, id appretiate information Smile also would be fun to know what kinda servers do ppl actually run, because i know theres plenty of linux boxes around, but none really knows how many ;)

so if possible answer the following please:

1. default bootup map
2. distribution
3. game version if not 2.8.4
4. do you use additional params for bootup script than "usual" stuff, what?
5. how often you reboot your army server
6. other information ie user experiences experiences

thank you in advance for all the fellow linux aao admins Smile

ill start this listing myself Very Happy

1. SF Hospital/Urban Assault (for match server)
2. CentOS 5.2
3. 2.8.4
4. No, just basic bootup litany
5. every 24h (automated boot script)
6. very reliable and "easy" to maintain after the usual hassle with setting up the servers Smile at this moment server does regular banlist etc updates automatically and kinda keeps itself up alone, gotta <3 linux Smile[/b]

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Joined: 29 Sep 2006

      Posted: 31 Mar 2009 04:53 Profile Germany

I have set up a VM to test my pb scripts, practice pb webtool etc... our clan is working on something like toro webtool, so we need a server to test it on.

1) Border
2) debian etch
3) 2.8.4
4) basic setup with pb, webtool enabled
5) havent gotten it to crash yet, maximum uptime is one working day (8 hours)
6) PBWebTool doesnt work with Safari or lynx Sad But it works great with telnet:
telnet -N 9000
POST /pbsvweb HTTP/1.1
exec_cmd_text=say moin

 I need help/information from other linux server admins 

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