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Volunteer Community Manager
Volunteer Community Manager
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      Posted: 15 Dec 2008 16:47 Profile United States

The following format can be used if you are a clan looking for players to recruit, simply add in YOUR information and you may use this to post in threads that players post looking for a clan. If you decide not to use this format please do not use a format created by any other clan without their permission


Hello, the [Insert your clan name here] is recruiting!

We're a [Insert fun or realism] clan looking for new members!
We currently have [Insert number of members here] and we're looking to expand, if your interested here are our requirements to join.

[Insert your own requirements here]
1. Must have Teamspeak
2. Must speak English
3. Must have Xfire or able to get it.
4. Must be over 14 years of Age.

My contact info is,
Email: [Insert your email address here]
MSN: [Insert your MSN address here]
Xfire: Insert your Xfire address here]

We hope you check out our website @ [Insert website address here]
Have a nice day.

Feel free to edit this for you and your clan, please again please do not use another clans format without their permission. If you are found using another clans format without permission your post can be removed and your account issued a warning.

Good Luck with your clan!

Lincoln Coe
Volunteer Community Manager
America's Army Project Office


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