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 AA Deploy Client - Community Status Update 


Army Project Team
Army Project Team
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      Posted: 06 Dec 2008 14:47 Profile United States

06 DEC 2008 - Westlake Village, CA - Pragmatic Solutions:

We wanted to thank everyone in the America’s Army community for their patience and support for the America’s Army Deploy Client since launching this new download tool with America’s Army v2.8.4. We have been working hard on both client and network improvements over the past two months and plan to continue releasing improvements for this download platform moving forward. Our ultimate goal is to create a fast, efficient, user-friendly application that will allow you to easily download and install or updated America’s Army as well as all officially released features such as map updates, the Mission Editor, and the America’s Army Server Manager.

The community makes a difference, and this is where sharing counts!

One of the main features of the AA Deploy Client is its ability to allow each user to help contribute to the America’s Army community by sharing some of their bandwidth and allowing other users to download some of the game data from their local data storage. This is an important feature in many ways, as it can help extend the life of the game by reducing some of the network overhead, especially when new features are released.

Please also be aware, that enabling this feature does NOT slow down your game play, as the Deploy Client can sense when you are playing and throttle itself down.

Please make sure your installation of the America’s Army Deploy Client is configured properly to allow peer-to-peer sharing, by checking the following:

1. On the Options tab of the Deploy Client: Make sure “Allow uploading” is enabled.

2. For best local network performance, you should then set the “Upload Speed” value to approximately 30-40% of the MAXIMUM upload speed of your network. (For example your upstream maximum is 128KB/sec; then try setting this value to 50KB/sec). Setting this value higher than that may result in poor network performance. Also, keep in mind that when you launch America’s Army, the upload rate is automatically set to a very low speed (5KB/sec); so the Deploy Client should not interfere with online game performance.

3. Once the above options are set, you then need to make sure computers on the internet can contact the Deploy Client running on your computer.

a. If your computer is connected to a router that shares a single internet connection between several computers/internet enabled devices; you will most likely need to configure the router to direct specific requests to your computer. This process is called port-forwarding, and should be documented in the manual that came with your router. You can find detailed instructions for most consumer routers at The Deploy Client requires that TCP Port 8590 is forwarded to the computer that is running the application to enable peer-to-peer. Once your router is configured, you just need to make sure that your computer’s firewall (if installed), is also set up to allow communication (see section b below).

b. If your computer is connected directly to a cable modem or DSL modem; the only thing you need to check is that your computer’s firewall (if installed) is set up to allow communication to your computer. Most software firewall systems will prompt you for action when an application is first run; and you can choose to enable or disable what type of communication is allowed for the application at that time. You can also find information on setting up your firewall at (click on the “Firewall Guides” link on their home page). The Deploy Client requires that your firewall is allows incoming TCP communications on port 8590 to enable peer-to-peer.

 AA Deploy Client - Community Status Update 

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