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 AA Deploy Client v1.2.4 Released 


Army Project Team
Army Project Team
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Joined: 05 Jun 2002

      Posted: 14 Nov 2008 20:00 Profile United States

We have updated the Deploy Client and activated the auto update, so those that have it already, should see v.1.2.4 in the lower right corner.

Those that don't have the Deploy Client can get it from the Deploy Providers listed at:


Highlights from this new version:

America's Army Deploy Client v1.2.4
Release Notes

- Major improvements to the download system, downloads should be faster and more consistent over previous versions.
- Radical changes to the memory management system which has greatly improved the efficiency of memory usage and has addressed several memory leak issues.
- Improvements to download system to reduce excessive CPU usage.
- Enhanced the logic where the DC attempts to connect first to the peers that are showing the best latency to increase download performance.
- Enhanced the P2P system so that uploads to other DC's are much more efficient for both the CPU and the network.
- Corrected the networking system so that Windows-based DC's can communicate more accurately and efficiently with Linux-based download servers.
- Added a new module to make better download-determinations based upon connectivity statistics.
- Enhanced the logic that removes peers from the P2P connection so that busy peers are retried instead of evicted from the download-list.
- Fixed a crash related to shutting down the client while it is still initializing
- Added descriptions as tooltips to each package
- Fixed issue that would cause upload rate meter to not update correctly sometimes when the DC was really uploading data.
- Fixed uninstallation to remove leftover images in the AADC folder.
- Added progress indicator to main download/install button.
- Fixed error when attempting to scan a cache that doesn't exist.
- Added a control for reinstalling and uninstalling individual packages.
- Added an upload rate and download progress indicator (tooltip) to the notification icon.

 AA Deploy Client v1.2.4 Released 

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