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Posts: 7
Joined: 19 Jul 2010

      Posted: 24 Jul 2010 23:03 Profile

(-inexperienced player-) clan

u know what that means i wont let me say it 'n o o b'


Posts: 4
Joined: 25 Jul 2010

      Posted: 25 Jul 2010 23:56 Profile

Username: Insuperab1e
Age: 17
Location (country or time zone): USA, EST -5 GMT
Emails, msn or similar means of contact:

Looking to become active in AA3 before I ship out to basic, then after i come back from basic, AIT, and Airborne Training.

Former Lieutenant Colonel
Viking Battalion Commander
Future Soldier


Posts: 1
Joined: 31 Jul 2010

      Posted: 31 Jul 2010 09:21 Profile

Username: theonethatownz
Honor: (Unsure on how-to check)
Age: 17.5
Location (country or time zone): UK
Emails, msn or similar means of contact: msn:

I'm looking for a UK / EU clan which has some realism inside of it. I'm intrested in getting into AA3 (Can download AA2), Normally played COD series.


Posts: 1
Joined: 31 Jul 2010

      Posted: 31 Jul 2010 18:51 Profile

Username: killaj44a
Honor: 8800
Age: 15
Location (country or time zone): USA, East Coast
Emails, msn or similar means of contact:

Ive completed the Squad designated marksman training and the advanced rifleman training along with medic training. Im pretty good with the advanced rifleman class, and although i have completed the SDM training, I am yet to actually play the class.
Also, i play AA3 although i do have AA2 also.


Posts: 4
Joined: 09 Aug 2010

      Posted: 09 Aug 2010 03:23 Profile Germany

Looking for: AA2 Team

- Most prefered: mix between open and urban area, open area, house-to-house fighting
- Least prefered: only indoor fighting

Languages: English, German, Romanian

Username: n0bdy
Honor: 20
Age: 34, adaptive though
Location: Germany, Munich
First Contact: PM
XFire, Teamspeak 3, Ventrilo, Headset available

Reason for starting with AA: team play, tactics, realism, fun

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Posts: 3
Joined: 10 Aug 2010

      Posted: 10 Aug 2010 06:31 Profile

Username: Twlzt3d
Honor: 1?
Age: 35
Location (country or time zone): USA Est.
Emails, msn or similar means of contact:

So a lil' about me real quick. I used to play AA when it first came out & was a major addict obtaining highest honor you could obtain at the time but then for reasons unforeseen I had to promptly stop playing & things kinda just changed since those days. The saddest thing about the entire situation I haven't a clue to my old login info nor my old email I used for it back then so here I am starting from scratch as a new hatch-ling again = ( But I'm back years later w/ an array of FPS's I've played & or still play to date as well as this one IE- AA, BF2, COD(MW), Frontlines Fuel of War & many others. I do work full time 8-4pm M-F but love gaming soon as I walk into the door, so long as I've showered of course,lol. So I'm an afternoon/evening player & I play alot on the weekends. I have Ventrilo & the only messenger I have is the new Comrade messenger & my username is "Twizzt3d" w/out the quotes of course. So ill leave it at that & look forward to talking w/ the whole lot of ya when I get home today from work & maybe git sum gamin in w/ ya as well! So until then, y'all take er EZ & we'll put it on ya real soon!


Posts: 1
Joined: 12 Aug 2010

      Posted: 12 Aug 2010 08:19 Profile

I am a loyal FPS player that is tired of easy/non tactical games such as MW2 and BC2.
I came to AA3 after having played AA2 long ago. I am currently seeking a clan that likes to play competitively against other clans.
(I am not however seeking out a realism clan.)

Here is some info on me.

Username: Deadpool23
Age: 20
Honor: 41
Mic: Yes
Location: East Coast, USA
Favorite weapon: M4A1 Carbine
Favorite Map(s): Alley, Ranch

You can check out further stats of me here:

Feel free to PM me.


Posts: 1
Joined: 14 Aug 2010

      Posted: 14 Aug 2010 16:51 Profile

Location:england or xfire robokid09

i am looking for a squad that a mic is not importent as i kind of lost mine when moving.


Posts: 1
Joined: 27 Aug 2010

      Posted: 27 Aug 2010 20:12 Profile United States

Hey, looking for a clan, been playing on and off for a few years, fair to decent player.

I'm a 68W in the real world. Reservist.

I have a mic and a decent ping rate. I'm an EMT, so I'm usually on in spurts, hour a day, then maybe all day for two days. (I work 4 12's a week.)

I hope to find a clan that has fun, doesn't take itself too seriously, but has some tactical skills, combat communication and knows how to GET IT DONE. with any questions, comments, flames, death threats.... Cheesy Grin

Username: DifferentialMedic
Honor: 31
Age: 33
Occupation: Medic/EMT
Years playing: 3
Mic: Yep.
Skill level: Fair to Middlin'
Area: Detroit, MI and Portland OR (Depending on the time of year)
Interests: Wine, women, motorcycles, good beer, German Shepard dogs, Emergency Medicine, cooking.


Posts: 9
Joined: 26 Aug 2010

      Posted: 27 Aug 2010 21:27 Profile

User name:=nvda=toobluecody
Location :oklahoma usa

i scored a 39 on my brm, sf qualified,expert medic,expert marksman, i have a 45.49% winning average. ive been playing for about 2 months on 2.8.5 special forces im ex military 11 bang bang baby 3rd platoon phantoms hooah. so if u need a good soldier im your man


Posts: 1
Joined: 02 Sep 2010

      Posted: 02 Sep 2010 13:18 Profile

name Wackis^
honor 72
age 26
Location England

Just coming back to the game after 2 years out , looking for a decent clan to play active in EU tz pref english players, will take awhile to get used to it again no doubt but will be back to owning again real soon Razz


Posts: 1
Joined: 03 Sep 2010

      Posted: 04 Sep 2010 00:41 Profile

User name: WorthRinz
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm just looking to join a relaxed/layed back clan overall, I live West Coast USA so my pings aren't terrific yet they aren't terrible either. I've completed all the basic training and have around 20 hours under my belt so far +/- a few hours. My K/D would be around 0.66 as I'm 230/345ish at the moment.(Also rank Private First Class)


Posts: 42
Joined: 08 Nov 2009

      Posted: 05 Sep 2010 21:13 Profile United States

looking for AA2 clan
honor 26
age 16
im a great sniper havent playd much latly but i will play lots more when im in a clan.
im 16 and live in Wasilla Alaska 99654
i have xfire and battel traker Razz

Last edited by -=DSU=-@SwiftShot on 06 Sep 2010 09:49; edited 1 time in total

Posts: 2
Joined: 24 Jul 2010

      Posted: 06 Sep 2010 06:22 Profile

Username: on3hitta15
Honor: 33
Age: 18
Location (country or time zone): USA
Emails, msn or similar means of contact:

If you have any other skills or requirements which you feel are relevant, feel free to add them.

I have a mic i use teamspeak and i use to be the clan lethal assasins which broke up because summer got in the way and several of our members were occupied during that time. Im looking for a clan that is doing TWL and is semi serious and likes to have fun. I really do like to compete to win so i do take orders and I will follow them. shoot me a email if your serious about me joining your clan I play only AA3


Posts: 1
Joined: 13 Sep 2010

      Posted: 13 Sep 2010 15:50 Profile

Username: Scuba_Sam
Honor: 7,897, just made PFC.
Age: 19
Location: Ireland, so anybody with a European server and practice times using something near GMT would be good =)
I have a microphone with teamspeak/xfire/vent etc

About me: I've played AA2 and 3 for a few years now, made it to about 40 honour on the old AA2 system, with all the SF training and that. Completed all available training for AA3, still trying to nail expert on the DMR though!

Have previously played ARMA in a realism clan, I have ARMA 2 now so if there's a clan out there that plays it on top of AA3, give me a shout. My play style favours teamwork, I've a bit of military training via UK Army Cadets and University OTC, and I like to apply what I can in online games if possible. Within AA3 I'm a fairly good 320 shot, I love keeping enemy heads down with the AR and I always try to do medic if possible - I find it quite funny when I die heroically when crawling out to save my squadmate.

If you want a player who enjoys serious teamplay while also having a laugh (mainly at his own expense) then hit me up.

Scuba_Sam Out =)


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