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 **How to Report Bugs and use this Forum - Read 1st** 


AA Community Manager
AA Community Manager
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      Posted: 15 Feb 2008 14:35 Profile United Kingdom

Credit for contribution to : W@de, +TheSaint+ and Bear 82

1. How to post a bug, and what we are looking for:

Ok so you think you have found a Bug in the game and you want to report it? Well first of all thanks for taking the time to do this, it's greatly appreciated. However before you go to the effort of making a report take a quick scan through the reports already here to make sure someone else hasn't beaten you to it. After all, there's no sense wasting good gaming time re-writing something someone else has already done.

Having said that your efforts may not be wasted if someone has already reported the bug. What you have experienced may differ slightly from what was reported, and the more detail we have the better. If you have additional information about a reported bug then please go ahead and add a post to the thread.

Assuming the bug is brand spanking new we have a template for your use for reporting your bug. This will enable the Developers and Testers who regularly review this forum to quickly and easily identify the issue you are reporting.

Bug Report Template

PROBLEM: [This should be a brief description of the issue. We don't need an essay just a concise few sentences so we can get the idea of what is happening.]

REPRODUCTION:[This should be an exact numbered list of how to reproduce the issue. The more exact the steps the quicker we can find the problem.]


DETAILS:[Here's where you can expand some on the problem, add links to any screenshots and most importantly add the "Expected" and "Actual" results. "Expected" = what should happen. "Actual" = what actually happens. This is very helpful for when the bug is a bit more obscure. All we are looking for here is your best description of the bug. try to provide as much detail as possible. It's often the little things that point to the root of the bug.]

AAO version: [This is pretty self explanatory Laughing]
Map: [Please identify whether the bug is map specific and if so what map, or if it is something that occurs on all maps]

[These are the major items that would aid the Dev team determine what hardware was being used.]
System Brand:
Operating System:
CPU Model:
CPU Speed:
System Memory:
Graphics Chipset:
Graphics Card Memory:
Sound Card: Creative
Internet Connection:


Lastly: Here is a demonstration of a basic bug report

W@DE's bug report:

PROBLEM: Dropping M4A1 Rifle Causes it to Change to a Grenade


1. Log onto Weapons Cache SE
2. Spawn as a rifleman
3. Drop your M4A1

DETAILS: When you drop your M4A1, it will automatically change to a grenade when the weapon hits the ground. However if you pick it back up it will revert back to an M4A1.This only happens with the M4A1 and only on Weapons Cache SE. See the screen shot provided.

Expected Result : When M4A1 dropped, it remains an M4A1
Actual Result : When M4A1 dropped, it turns in to a grenade

Map : Weapons Cache SE
Version of AAO : 2.0
OS version : Windows XP Home edition)
Processor : AMD Athlon XP 1600)
Memory : 1gig
Motherboard : n/a
Video Card : ati 9700pro AIW
Sound Card : Sound Blaster Audigy2
Net Connection :Cable Modem

2. I've posted my Bug, what happens now?

Once you have posted your bug it will get reviewed and as long as it hasn't already been reported it will get forwarded to the Developers. You will see that your post title will get appended with a letter :

[R] : This means that your post has been reviewed.
[W] : This means we are awaiting further detail from you.
[N] : This means that it isn't a bug.

For obvious reasons it is imperative that you do not add these letters yourself or it is likely that your report will get ignored.

3. What we don't want to see in this Forum

Exploits :

Please do not post Exploits in this forum. Please private message a forum moderator any information you have, and it will be forwarded to the Development Team.

What is an exploit?
A bug, that if utilized, can be used to an unfair advantage.

Forum moderators for the Bugs forum are listed below (Click a name to PM one).


Craig Lee

King Fisher





Unless using MPCHEAT to verify a bug's validity, using this command is to be treated as-is, meaning that it is not a direct intention of the game to allow MPCHEAT on servers (which is why all official Honor servers are not MPCHEAT enabled).

Any use of this command and any resulting "bugs" that come of it are not to be posted here.

Unrelated Chat :

Please feel free to add posts to other peoples Bug Reports that relate to that report. However please be aware that this is not a chat forum. Any posts not directly relating to the Bug Reported will be removed. It's hard enough to deal with Bugs without having to wade through pages of random chat, that is how important things get missed!


 **How to Report Bugs and use this Forum - Read 1st** 

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