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 The 10 Commandments for new mappers 


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      Posted: 19 Jul 2007 05:10 Profile Brazil

1 - Read the basic tutorials (Wolf's Tutorials then the official AA Editor tutorials) and follow their examples until you can (at least) understand what are the features and shortcuts available in the editor interface and what they do.

2- Read the Unreal Glossary until you get familiarized with the terminology and are able to make relationships between terms and the tools in the editor interface, so when you ask questions here in the forum you can properly describe what you need and understand the answers without much effort. Most of us like to help but sometimes we just don't understand what some people want or the knowledge required for understanding the answer is so big that we just point to the tutorials page. Proper understanding and usage of terminology is an essential part of the level designer workflow.

3 - The RED square in your map is the Builder Brush and you can't delete it. If you don't know the function of this brush go back to the first Commandment. You should also be able to distinguish a Builder Brush from a Substraction Brush or/and Addition Brushes before putting your hands on a map.

4 - Use the forum search feature before posting new threads. Most of the basic questions have been already answered several times. If you know the Unreal terminology and the features available in the editor interface you will be able to find your answers really fast, searching for the proper terms related to your question.

5 - When asking questions in the forum try to make complete sentences, without abreviations and using proper english and AAEd terminology. Try to not make several different questions in the same thread. If you ask just one question you will get better answers and the thread can stay on focus.

6 - The first series of messages in the forum are stickies. They contain important info and you should read them before starting editing maps or posting in the forums

7 - If you think you are experiencing an Editor Bug like the screen being completely white, browse the Editor Support forum, since is most likely to have a simple solution already posted there.

8 - If you are new to the editor, don't mess with AI yet and don't try to make complex cool stuff. A good map is not necessarily a map full of gadgets and effects. Make it simple and spend more time on improving it's performance and balancing the gameplay. A simple map can consume hundreds of hours to make it function properly and to make it looks good enough for Mission Depot submission.

9 - Don't suggest or make maps with themes like School, Highschool and University or that represents real locations or people, like middle-east countries and notorious terrorists. They will NOT be approved. Make some reasearch to understand when and where the Army would engage and read this.

10 - Don't be lazy. We are here to help, but don't expect to get your homework done by experienced mappers. Mapping is very fun and rewarding, but also requires a lot of work and knowledge. Almost everyone can create a simple decent map, but if you don't have the patience to read tutorials, to make some reasearch and to dig into the editor tools please don't even open the editor in the first place.

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      Posted: 19 Jul 2007 05:59 Profile Netherlands

Nice topic {FRJ}ZarO!O, like always. I will sticky this one so that new mappers can easily spot it.

Edit: typo.

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      Posted: 19 Jul 2007 06:35 Profile Brazil

Thanks =FoxHunter=

 The 10 Commandments for new mappers 

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