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 Offline Single Player & M4 Modifications Help 


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      Posted: 19 Jan 2007 02:09 Profile United States

I thought I would make a post on how to equipped mods on the SOPMOD M4.

Note: You must have completed all the SF training and be a minimum of 15 honor.

First you will need to go to "Personnel jacket", then at the top of this screen you will see two tabs, "soldier login" and "weapons Mods".
click "weapons mods".

A new screen will appear.

from here you can add and remove mods. you can also have per set mods.

for example, for one map you may have a per set moded m4 for long distance, but then you go to a map that you want to equip different mods to best suit the map you are going to play,
instead of resettings the weapon each time you join a map that you want different mods , you can just make more then one 1 per set moded m4.

to do this go to the weapon mod tab at the "personnel jacket", then add the mods you want to the weapon from the drop down lists.

after you have your first moded m4 , go to set, then from the drop down list click set2 , a new m4 with no mods will appear, from here you can add the mods you like for a particular kind of map(close quarter combat mods,long distance mods ect..) .

you can also make more then two per set moded M4s, just go to set then from the drop down list , set3 ,set4 ect...

In order to use the m4 mods online you need to be special forces qualified .
in order to be special forces qualified you need to have completed Basic Training , Airborne School and the special forces training maps. you also need a minimum of 15 honor before you can play as a SF soldier.

now join an sf map (you only get the m4 mods on sf maps) then press f2 and pick a sf class

18C=m4 with mods

Now when you join a game online most of the mods will be on the weapon when you first start a map, other mods like the suppressor needs to be "put on" the weapon.

here are the default keys to do so.

Left Rail Mod= J
Right Rail Mod= K
suppressor= L

you can bind new keys to these functions as well, you can find these in the settings then controls, from there go to "Combat" from here you can bind new keys to the above.
as of right now only L key is needed, there is no left rail, right rail mods yet in the game.

I hope this helps some of you and have fun with your new moded SOPMOD M4 Very Happy .

If any of this is inaccurate , please let me know.

Offline Single Player

10 Steps

1. Start the game.
2. Hit the ~ (tilde) key above the tab key on your keyboard to open the console.
(If you can't bring down the console by pressing ~ (tilde) in the main menu, start a training map or join a server then hit tab)
3. Type : open bridge_se
4. You can't move. Open the console and type : bind K mpcheat class sf
5. Then type : bind J summonNPCsoldier
6. Close the console and hit K. You get a M4A1 SOPMOD and you can move.
7. Now press J. It summons a frozen soldier in front of you.
8. To make him start shooting at you, type : walk (note: disabled in v2.7)
9. If you die, type reconnect, dont want to die, type god.
10. And if you get tired of walking/running, type ghost, get tired of ghosting type walk.

If you're kicked (5 min max) from a server cause of cheat binds, open the console and type bind K and bind J (will unbind your two keys). Then reconnect to the server.

Cheats and Training

You cheated! Click "Retry Mission" to try again or "Cancel" to return to the main menu.

If you get this warning, hit Esc (back to the main menu), press Esc again. Enjoy.

Your score will not be saved if you use cheats during the training qualification.

-}MoS{-Evndude : All Console Commands

Edit: Merged posts, cleaned up spelling.

---=== He without ROE, cast the first nade. ===---
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 Offline Single Player & M4 Modifications Help 

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