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 SF Training 


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      Posted: 19 Jan 2007 02:05 Profile United States

Please do not post any 'walkthroughs' or answers for the SF training missions....
These types of posts will be deleted and the poster will receive an official forum 'warning'.

The classroom and E and E are meant to be hard... After all not everyone is cut out to be Special Forces qualified...

Having said that... If you really want it, and put your mind to it you will pass both maps.

As for E and E.... All I can say is listen to the instructor in the chopper and do what he tells you.

PLEASE NOTE: The posting of the SF classroom slides is OKAY given one Condition....

Only the slide picture and number can be shown.... no other tips or hints must be given. Smile


Another thing to note is that you can complete your SF training at any time, but to play as a SF soldier on Official servers, you will need a minimum of 15 honor.

You will still be able to play the SF maps (With the exception of Pipeline SF), but only as IF (Indigenous Forces) until you reach that number.

Edit: Cleaned up old sticky and merged posts.

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 SF Training 

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