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 Need live support? 


AA Community Manager
AA Community Manager
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      Posted: 21 Dec 2006 17:57 Profile United States

The Official America's Army IRC Network has a channel devoted specifically to the Mission Editor, and it's a cinch to join right from your game or through any IRC client.

From America's Army just click on Support, and then the LIVE SUPPORT button, select a channel, and click CONNECT, and you'll be instantly connected to the Official network. Once connected to the Official IRC network, type /join #aa-mapping and you'll be connected to our Official Mission Editor Channel.

For those using a separate IRC client here's the server and channel info:

Port: 6667
Channel: #aa-mapping

We're also supporting the Mission Editor several other ways such as:

and of course this forum! We intend to support our IRC Mapping Channel and this forum in every possible way and hope to see it grow, as well as see some awesome maps that we know our community can build.


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 Need live support? 

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