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 *Akita's FAQ Guide* 


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      Posted: 31 May 2006 00:38 Profile

**Welcome to Akita's answers to the FAQ**

Hello, and thank you for looking at the guide I made Cheesy Grin

Snoop brought up that the same questions were being asked in new topics and what not.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions and their frequent, rather evil answers Cheesy Grin

The Frequently Asked General Mac Questions

America's Army 2.6?
STOP ASKING ABOUT 2.6!!! If you are going to ask this question, don't, you might as well where a sign nailed to your forhead that says, "Lock my post!!". Sadly, America's Army is no longer supported for Mac. If you are interested, you can look at this post, or this post. Your only other options are Private Messaging discussions about it, or just starting a new topic and getting pwnt, which we rather you not do. Even though 2.6 is not likely to come out for Mac anytime soon, Snoop will have updates on the rather confident 2.5 Community with Clan Pages, Servers. and everything else the 2.6 players do... except with teh mac pwntists! In conclusion: DO NOT POST ABOUT 2.6 FOR MAC.

Sig Making Apps?
This is another frequently asked question... what apps are good and free for maing sigs? Well... you have a few chocies, considering they are all alike. I prefer Seashore for my sig making. Another free, good application is Gimp. When you are satisfied with your sig, here is a good place to put it. Go to image shack, upload the file picture, and host it. Take the "Hotlink to Forums" link and paste it onto your post. Picture should come up. If not, ask for help, please do not make 7 posts saying "Aww man" or, "Test Sig" or spam so it can get to teh next page so you can see it. This is what the hotlink is used for!

Where can I join a Mac clan?
The best place to join a Mac clan specificly would be here. It is rarely used, but it might get Snoop's attention, and he helps out a lot with clans and the 2.5 community. He will surely find a good clan for you Smile IF you are not looking for a Mac clan, just a clan in general, you will always get attention here, just remember to read this and this.

Customizing Icons and Wallpapers
Not a frequently asked question, but useful. If you won't to spice up your Mac a little with cool Wallpapers and Icons for Mac, here is a good place.

Good 2.5 Servers?
Please do not make posts asking, Are there any good 2.5 servers out there that you think I can join?" Most likely, you will recieve a reply give you a link to here, in most cases at least. The more Mac clans that come out, the more 2.5 Servers, most likely.

Un-Ethical Posts
Did someone blow off tihs topic? Well, if they do, don't make fun of them.Jjust click the "RPT" button at the top right corner of every post. This will notify Balthamos or Cobra that there is a inexperienced player or someone that can't read that just posted a topic that makes people mad and or has already been answered in a previous topic. You can also PM the admins, we don't want silly topics on the awesome General Mac topic! Very Happy

Random Mac topic to discuss?
R&R is a very useful place on the forums. Luckily for us, some one (Kytanna) came up with a topic called Mac R&R **Helleluliah! Helleluliah!** Now, you can talk about what you think about Steve Jobs wearing turtle necks, and even Mac specs. Cool, ain't it?

Please use the Search Bar that I discussed in the first paragraph I made. If you go to a forum, at the top, it will have pages of the forum, and a search bar. Here, it is just like Google, if you are looking to see if a Star Wars topic was made, search "Star Wars", not spaghetti or something... IN CONCLUSION, PLEASE USE THE SEARCH BAR!! IT WASN"T MADE FOR NOTHING!!

Thanks, and that's Akita's guide to Frequently Asked Questions and a couple of apps and advice... hope it was useful! For more guidlines, see this similar post!


The BIble wrote:

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces were not ashamed.
Psalm 34: 4-5

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      Posted: 31 May 2006 18:35 Profile

sticky this Very Happy

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      Posted: 01 Jun 2006 00:13 Profile

Schnauzer=JKL= wrote:

sticky this Very Happy

Indeed Smile


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      Posted: 01 Jun 2006 23:22 Profile

cooler the Titles man..if you can't I can
Cheesy Grin

Its a little hard to set them apart..some cool would make it look


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      Posted: 05 Jul 2006 12:05 Profile

Hmm,, very good, but I think some more history of Mac R&R is deserved (it used to be "iBook graphics isses.").

We miss you Chica.
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      Posted: 06 Jul 2006 17:52 Profile

Wow, that was the most off-topic in-topic post I've seen today Akita.

 *Akita's FAQ Guide* 

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