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 Ports for version 2.6 (changes) Updated - additional port 


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      Posted: 14 Mar 2006 19:48 Profile

ChalkTroop wrote:

There will be two support issues that may raise with MBS.

1) Local Firewall *must* allow traffic thru port 20025
Some firewalls will popup an alert behind the game client making the game look like it froze. We may get a lot of support email on this one so I think it's essential to spread this word thru the community, support staff, FAQ, etc.

2) Server Browser: Ping Results
MBS will show different (lower) PING results than the old GameSpy protocol. This may (or may not) raise questions. MBS uses only 1 'ECHO' packet to garner a response form the server, where GameSpy may use up to 5 and coming up with an average round-trip time. So the response times will be different pending what server browser you use.


UDP ports
- 1716 for the game
- 1717 for the gamequery
- 1718 for the master server query
- 8777 for the standard UT query
- 27900 for GameSpy
TCP ports
- 20045, 20046 for the Auth server
- 20025 and 20047 for the new AA Browser (MBS).

Windows ME/98
Windows ME/98 operating systems are no longer supported. Existing Win98/ME users will be grandfathered in with the new patch. New users downloading America's Army for the first time on these operating systems will not be able to play.

Thanks for the hard work fellas!

 Ports for version 2.6 (changes) Updated - additional port 

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