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 Reference Links For Suggestions 


Staff Sergeant
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Joined: 25 Nov 2003

      Posted: 23 Aug 2005 04:49 Profile

Here is small list of references that one should use when ever applicable for realistic information for research to make useful well-thought out suggestions for the America's Army Dev's from realistic real life information.

Note: For the most part, you can find nearly anything for AA on the globelsecurity, and FAS websites so look around.

Feel free to post more resource links and i will add them to the list.

Prior to reading this or posting a suggestion please read this thread:

1. US ARMY Field Manuals
2.Vehicle Specific
5.Small Arms
6.Anti-Armor Weapons

1.US Army Field Manuals

2.Vehicle Specific

AH-1Z Cobra Guide (very detailed, 72 page PDF)

M1 Tank Vulnerability

M1A1/M1A2 TUSK Upgrade

Rest of the World Aircraft

Rest of the World Combat Vehicles (ground and air, BIG PDF!)

Rest of the World Ground Vehicles

Rest of the World Naval Vessels

US Aircraft (including USAF, US Army, and USN)

US Naval Vessels

US Ground Vehicles


ACOG and Reflex Sight

Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) / Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH)

Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU)

Body Armor Article-2003

Body Armor Article-2004

Body Armor

Body Armor-Ceramic Plates

Body Armor-Interceptor Body Armor (IBA)

Body Armor-Vests (All Services)

Combat Equipment (scroll down)

Combat Life Saver Bag Contents

Communications (scroll down)

Defense and Countermeasures (e.g.: Body armor, NBC gear) (scroll down)



Lights and Lasers

M68 CCO Scope (more infomation can be found in Field Manuals)

Night Vision Devices

Optics-All Kinds

Rapid Fielding Initiative(RFI)



Big Bullets for Beginners

Bullets for Beginners

Bullets for Beginners Background


Land Mines

Missiles (e.g.: Maverick, AMRAAM, Sidewinder, Hellfire, etc) (rest of the world)

Non-Guided Weapons

Nuclear Weapons

Smart Weapons (e.g.: Laser Guided Bombs, GPS guided weapons)

5.Small Arms


Ammunition of the World

Assault Rifles of the World

Bolt-action Rifles of the World

Crew Served Weapons (scroll down)

Dragunov SVD

Fabrique Nationale (FN)-Makers of the M249, and M240

FAMAS-French Assault Rifle

Glock Firearms

Grenade Launchers of the World

Handguns of the World

Heckler Koch(HK) Firearms

IMI Firearms (e.g.: Desert Eagle)

Individual Weapons (scroll down)

Machine Guns of the World

M2, .50cal Machine Gun


M4 Rifle History and Information

M9 Pistol


M16A4-USMC Article








Mk11 Mod 0 Sniper Weapon System

Mk12 Mod 0 Special Purpose Rifle


Mk48 Mod 0 (note: Mainly a USN weapon)

Objective Crew Served Weapon (OCSW)

Rest of the World Small Arms (BIG PDF!)

Shotguns of the World

Sniper Rifles of the World

Steyr Firearms (e.g.: Steyr AUG)

SIG Firearms

Submachine Guns of the World

US Army Soldier Weapon Assessment for Operation Iraqi Freedom

Various Weapons (e.g.: M60, Mk23 SOCOM, etc)

Walther Firearms

XM8 Modular Weapon System


6.Anti-Armor Weapons

How Rocket Propelled Grenades Work (RPG)

Javelin Missile System

M136 AT4

M141 BDM or SMAW-D

M220 TOW

Russian RPG-7 Rockets

Russian RPG-27 and 29

USMC Predator/MPIM


Wounding Effects Bullets


Defense Department

Military Photos

Operation Enduring Freedom Photos

Operation Iraqi Freedom Photos


Random Pictures


1st Infantry Division, Combat in Fallujah

AA-12 Shotgun video

Apache Engagement Video (GRAPHIC)

B-2 Bomber Video

BBC Video of Marines in Fallujah (18 mins long, streaming video)

Glock 18C

Grenade in Washing Machine

Infantry Video

Javelin Missile System

Military Videos (Bit Torrent Site)



Predator Firing Hellfire


Small Diameter Munition-Bunker Buster


After Action Report from Iraq

Anything Military

Blast Effect Area of Bombs

Special Operations Article-PDF Format

US Marine Corps Fact File

US Army Future Combat System

US Marine Corps Force Recon

I must thank Doc for his research who found most of these links.


Staff Sergeant
Posts: 604
Joined: 25 Nov 2003

      Posted: 23 Oct 2005 06:38 Profile

Thread opened for users to add their own reference links, i will make sure the list stays organized and updated.

Help us help you Smile

Please keep all posts related to reference links and please include what the link is for:

For example:

Contents: It's about bug guns and the ammo they use.

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Sergeant Major
Posts: 5707
Joined: 21 May 2002

      Posted: 26 Oct 2005 15:03 Profile

A few rare finds are here...

More ammunition information

Really informative FAQ on soldier's accouterments

How sound suppressors reduce recoil (among other information on suppressors)

Future US Small Arms Inventory (2008-2009)

Wounds by rounds among other weapon/round/attachments information

Ballistic ammo lab

The Science of Digital Camouflage Design

Some Pretty Nifty Tactical Stuff

Russian body armor

40mm Grenades

The Gun Zone (about guns)

Defense projects

Information on the purpose of this AA game, along with other game info crammed in a nutshell. (and you can add info to it yourself)

The MOVES Institute (Modeling, Virtual Environment and Simulation Institute)

Information on silent kill techniques

MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat)

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Alex N.

Posts: 50
Joined: 24 Nov 2005

      Posted: 25 Nov 2005 21:01 Profile

You can find just about anything you want about US small arms at:


Sergeant Major
Posts: 7263
Joined: 10 Nov 2003

      Posted: 30 Nov 2005 02:09 Profile Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Ballistics section should take the ammunition of the world, and add it with:

I'm not sure whether that is considered credible, but they're using real bullets on real objects.

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Private First Class
Posts: 167
Joined: 12 Jun 2004

      Posted: 10 Jul 2006 19:34 Profile

Can you please make sure that the links for the Army Field Manuals don't require an AKO (Army Knowledge Online). Not all of us are in the US Army.


First Sergeant
Posts: 3765
Joined: 09 Jul 2006

      Posted: 22 Aug 2006 22:49 Profile United States

this entire site is about the specs of world weapons

you only have the assault rifles and toher stuff


Posts: 339
Joined: 29 Jul 2006

      Posted: 24 Dec 2006 07:57 Profile Netherlands

all abouth the present war
lots of real combat situations

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Joined: 21 Feb 2007

      Posted: 19 Mar 2007 06:54 Profile

Empower yourself, Defend freedom.


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Joined: 06 Mar 2007

      Posted: 09 Apr 2007 06:36 Profile

Understanding that AA is a marketing tool for recruiting, I have a suggestion to the game. I have never seen a game that offered a dynamic report editor where users and or organized clans have the ability to customize reports for there own needs. In my company, I am requested to design queries and reports to analyze data outside of the normal ad hoc / default reports. This idea could spark intelligence superiority where clans /users have the ability to gathering Intel that can be used prior to scrimmaging, tournaments, training, or recruiting according to their specific needs. Now AA would not only be about the video game action but pre game strategy planning.
For example, if I was the first to analyze data and find out that on a particular map there was less of a percent chance of success attacking to the west, I could either advise training to focus on this weakness or advise to avoid this area in live games.
Clans could incorporate think tanks and now not only does skill in the games contribute to a win but the ?Intel? as well.

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 Reference Links For Suggestions 

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