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 CQB Advanced Skills & Tactics, March 18 2006 update 


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Joined: 12 Aug 2007

      Posted: 13 Aug 2007 05:15 Profile

Great advice Daggertiger!

Could someone please give me there opinion on when you are using the acog/bipod combo on a map such as bridge crossing and waiting for the enemies to come to you. Would you keep your M4 on burst (because the bullets don't seem quite as effective as the sniper) or would you keep it on single shot (Bad because although it increases accuracy the opfor very rarely die in one shot)



Sergeant Major
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      Posted: 13 Aug 2007 12:43 Profile

Single or Auto

Michael "MP" Pollock


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Joined: 12 Aug 2007

      Posted: 14 Aug 2007 16:13 Profile

Ah ok thanks i have found it Smile


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Joined: 26 Sep 2007

      Posted: 08 Oct 2007 18:49 Profile

overall nice job daggertiger, however a couple things. (note, if this is a dead topic then sry, figured since it's pinned it's legit to respond)

the key commands have changed in recent versions, what WAS e is now F, lean is q and e rather than , and . etc. you need to update to avoid confusing people.

sprint can also be done via the Alt key.

what i've heard about the silencer, and so far has checked out ingame although i've done NO research, is that silencer does less dmg, but has a narrower spread. either way the dif isnt big.

in recent versions bunnyhopping has been nerfed to the suicidal level, you can do it... but it kills you. you can't shoot while in the air, when you land you have the animation of the gun rising, and finally i can't think of a better way to give away my position to my target's allies short of a nade or spraying blindly with the saw. EVERYONE tends to look at motion and bunnyhopping amplifies the motion made. i honestly love it when the opfor bunnyhops because i've got a free kill.

now then to grab my soapbox and give my CQB speech...

the way you described doing CQB is effective, however there are other tactics for the people moving slower or on worse computers that work very well.

if you can't keep up but want to CQB then you have two options: go slow or spray.

going slow doesn't mean camping, and spray doesn't mean shoot randomly at walls. first, spraying:

you cannot do this without a weapon with a large magazine, if you dont have the RPK or SAW then dont try it. if you choose to spray then you have to accept that you will die... a lot... very fast... the way this works, it is NOT random shooting, what it IS is pre-shooting to the extreme, followed by essentially blind shooting in the general direction of the e.

what you do is find a map like SF hostpital (inside) where the e are channeled into narrow corridors of motion, find out WHEN they will turn a given corner each round (yes, first time you try this you will die with no kills). you charge that corner next game and you shoot 1/2 sec b4 they turn it. the difference from pre-shooting is that you then CONTINUE to fire your weapon non-stop on full auto until you have yourself turned that corner AND shot e's waiting for you (yes, plural). i know you wont be seeing much due to machine lag, so aim at one and hold for 2-3 frames (1 sec-1.5 sec) kill them one at a time as fast as you can. DO NOT USE YOUR SIGHTS, the wide spread is helpfull to you becuase you arn't going to be aiming well anyway due to machine lag and you need all the move speed you can get.

this tactic IS ment for bad comps (not bad connections although it works here too) becuase although your comp will be overloaded to the point of 0.5FPS IT WONT MATTER! your chance of hitting the e will be unaffected because you arn't even aiming for them per se, and their CEM will be so low from the spam (yes, it IS spam) that they wont be hitting much anyway.

this tactic is a suicidal tactic, and oddly enough it is one that is MORE effective vs groups than vs one player. this is becuase they will literally bump into each other and mess each other up backpedalling out of the AR spray 1 inch in front of them. then when you turn the corner they are clustered, only one of them has a clear line of fire, and he has almost no CEM left. finally if that person has a comp that's out of date they will be lagging out as badly as you are.

usually when doing this on a laggy comp on SF hospital solo (as in i'm in front of everyone and they can't support me, not only player on escort) vs 5 ambush running in the back door I die first time with 0-2 kills, ( figuring out their move speed, dif players move differently) get 3-5 (depending on my luck) kills second time. and then my kill rate rapidly decreses because they will flash me / have 3 ppl full auto sights up on the corner / etc. i die every time i dont get all 5 of them.

you can see the flaws in this, so i suggest doing it only once or twice, and only vs (other) rushers, non-rush player types will kill you effortlessly if you try this.

and now for my favorite, moving slow

this one takes more practice depending on how slow your comp is, because for this one your reaction time does matter.

essentially what you do with this is force a CQB fight into being a mid-range one, and it's really simple. crouch, use your sights, and use cover. even though your target is one 10 m away, if you find a nearby random box and crouch behind it while your sights come up, wait until you know you will hit, and THEN shoot you will win more often than you will lose. for this kind of fighting using the M4A1 SOPMOD, the AK47 (NOT AK74), and the M16A2 are the best weps in that order, although you might find ones that work better for you.

the thing about this is a lot of rushers spam fire in their foe's general direction hoping to throw off their aim, the cover reduces the effectiveness of this a LOT and since you arn't going to shoot until you will hit anyway it doesn't slow you down much. and when you do shoot, your shots WILL kill, 2 bursts of 3 shots from the M16 kills assuming you hit 3/4 of the time and shoot the body. you will probably find a chance to get off 4 bursts by doing this.

Cons: it is less effective against better players becuase they wont let you get off that killing burst, they will shoot you first rather than just wound. you will probably be wounded doing this becuase of the spray, so although it wont be bad, you want a medic nearby. and finally this is useless at less than 5m because they will simply shoot/walk past you and shoot you in the back.

neither of these techniques will work against the "pro" players however vs your average joe you will be ok. for the pros either 203 them or hire someone to tk them Cheesy Grin

note: i expect people to argue with me about this, i already know that i have typos all over the place, and i know both methods are fairly flawed , remember that they are ment to compensate for lag, and any counterattacks or "better" methods must be able to do the same.


Posts: 315
Joined: 11 Feb 2005

      Posted: 11 Nov 2007 22:42 Profile

I recommend that you not shop for guns unless you are sure you are safe. Most of the time, the gun you start out with is the best plus you have more cem with the gun you start with. The only time I pick up other guns is to get a grenade if it's a 203 map or just for fun. I find myself missing a lot with the AK-47; the m16 is just much more accurate. With the m4, you have even less reason to switch because the ak74u does the same damage per shot as m4 but has a slower rate of fire, higher recoil, and lower accuracy. RPK, i suck with.



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Joined: 27 Aug 2006

      Posted: 24 May 2008 02:35 Profile Spain

nice topic!
GJ man!

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[96]Flatlander wrote:

nice competition to face a bunch of heavy armed guys and melee like bruce lee^^


Private First Class
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Joined: 21 Sep 2008

      Posted: 21 Sep 2008 09:37 Profile


Snap judgments.The game is only 10 minutes long folks, whatever decision you make must be instant. One of my pet peeves is people who can't make their minds and just stop. If you feel you need to hide, then go find some cover and duck. If you feel you need to rush, then sprint away. If you feel you need to be stealthy, then hug the wall and move slowly. But, in no circumstances should you just stop and stand there in the middle of nowhere thinking what to do.

This is exactly what I do most of the times - getting stuck at one place not knowing what to do next! I thought I was only being sensible taking a moment to think even though I often did not survive to put my thought into place. So, your advice on snapping judgements helped me understand the importance of making quick judgements and now I feel I was not being much sensible taking a moment to think in the battlefield. Lol.

Also, it's great to know and learn about your observations. They made a lot of sense. Thanks! I thank everyone else who have contributed with their own observations on this thread. They are all very helpful in understanding what it takes to be a good soldier in the game.


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Joined: 24 Sep 2008

      Posted: 27 Sep 2008 10:53 Profile Canada

daggertigger, i know its been said by many people now, but this post is amazing! it actually did help me improve my playing. not a whole lot, but it still helped me go from earning on average 10-20 points per round to about 100-150 points per round.

thank you soo much!


Posts: 19
Joined: 06 Jan 2009

      Posted: 08 Jan 2009 14:21 Profile

Thanks man! Years passed since u posted, but still ppl read! That's good post.

I play A'sA ... in episodes... since 2005, but last year something happened and my acc data got full reset (not big deal, I usually played on my local unregistered server). In these years I saw, not much of "good and interesting" game... more it was like 90's when I played Quake III, UT, CS... FRAG is only thing that played are interested in, but for me it is just a serial killer score. Mission is what "counts", body count is respected among criminals and terrorists. Oh, so many times I was bleeding to death with 3 medics around me, shooting shadows on the hill... There is a purpose in radar with those little A and B and C! It is not hard to stick with your CO... just follow him or her on radar and try to help him/her to stay alive... follow order and first report enemy than shoot, as it is not likely that you will hit with your experience, but it will help your CO and others that survive to organize better and to be aware of enemy presence. By reporting, you will probably got few rounds in body, maybe die, but you death will help team win. Practice to report and hide! Than run on other side, but stay close to CO and watch how he treats the problem... learn and set your keys to be more practical (set middle mouse key to report enemy, set ROGER and NEGATIVE to your 4th and 5th mouse key, so that u can correct your point if you mark wall in front of you, instead of opposing hill, making your buddies panic).

For all new players, I suggest that u take medic role in team. It will give you a felling of "being important", and the truth is that you will be important and people will respect you for your healing (with honor 10 or 12), more than for 1 or 2 coincidental frags (blind chicken also picks few grains). Also, you will understand how important is team play! A rifleman and medic is usual team on public servers... if u stick to your CO, heal him, it will attract others to join two of you, as you will do more damage to enemy (patched soldier regains it aiming precision, and the lose of blood is stopped, so soldier can take few more peripheral wounds and stay alive). Also being medic will satisfy your hunger for honor, one healing give you more points than 4 frags)... mission first, frags for "one soldier army". Honor hungry geeks will grab medic role, just to earn more points, but just ask politely for swap, and explain that you will do more good with medkit, than with rifle. Usually you will got it in next round...

Most important! When you hit friendly, claim open, in gen. channel that you are inexperienced player, apology and keep rolling... even the best make a mistake, and trust me, the one rushing alone in enemy territory is more guilty, being hit than you that send bullet. If u manage to concentrate and first REPORT ENEMY, and then try to shoot, maybe somebody from your team, or friendly target it self will send you NEGATIVE and you will remain respected inexperienced player medic, that all would like to have in team.

Through this system you will learn importance of team play, and you will see how many mistakes, frag collectors make. One day, when you sharp your rifle skills, these first lessons will stay as a primaries in your game play, and people will "kill" to have you aside in field.

And for the end of this addon, I would like to cover some technical issues. I strongly recommend screen resolution of 800x600. Image may seem rough at the beginning, but targets will be bigger and movement will be easier to spot... you will get common with it in few rounds. I will also recommend a few key settings:
Lean left: CAPS LOCK It is natural for strafe left/right A/S, so your brain will react better with same fingers
Lean right: F
ENEMY SPOTTED: Middle mouse button (Spot, and milisec. after shoot with same finger...)
Roger and Negative: 4th and 5th mouse button (These commands are important as they refer to YES and NO, witch will help you communicate with your team better and quicker: If someone jelled MEDIC, you reply ROGER, so that your buddy know that someone is coming, and can continue to concentrate on field).

I use strange configuration for left hand, but I use all five fingers just for movement... combat and com's on mouse:
WASD is standard for movement
SPACE: CROUCH/DOWN (It is big button, for thumb and quick to access without much trouble... saves life)
LEFT ALT: PRONE (it is easy if you change your decision to prone, just move thumb to SPACE and you move again to safety quicker)
SPRINT: LEFT CTRL (don't trust a double W for running away, sometimes - many times, reaction depends on your keyboard, not of you Smile

Remember, those that call you inexperienced player and laugh at you will soon follow your path... aware of your score and aware of compliments of team leaders for last staying alive... with some luck and concentration, you will surprise much more experienced players winning round when they openly start running across field to kill one remaining inexperienced player in game. Nevertheless it is better to play passive role and play, than to spectate Smile

... I will see u in the afterlife...


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Joined: 10 Oct 2002

      Posted: 10 Jan 2009 10:43 Profile Holy See (Vatican City State)

I'm thrilled that people still find this useful. My computer is now too slow to my liking to play AA, but as soon as I can justify plunking another $2K for a new one I'll start playing again (and revise the tips).

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      Posted: 31 May 2009 21:53 Profile

thanks for the help


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      Posted: 17 Aug 2009 20:09 Profile United States

great post i'll read it like a bible

 CQB Advanced Skills & Tactics, March 18 2006 update 

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