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 Feedback Questions Answered -READ BEFORE POSTING- 


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      Posted: 19 Jan 2005 18:15 Profile Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


MOAP Feedback thread Extraordinaire

This is as close as MP5s will get to AA
Embedded Image
Original Idea by MQvNe3
Other credits at end of post.


Ok. In an attempt to cut down on the threads posted in General Feedback, I?m going to create a ?Mother Of All Posts?, where the most common posted, annoying ?use the search feature? threads will be answered.

This is going to be long, as I want it to be comprehensive. Read on at your own peril.

Index (To Search, find the index value):
A.1 Quick Guide by SlowDog
A.2 Veteran?s POV by Sapper_13
A.3 Main Guide
A.3.1 Special Forces
A.3.2 Vehicles
A.3.3 Weapons
A.3.4 Other Weapons and Combat Techniques
A.3.5 Gameplay
A.4 Credits

For information on current and future implementation, please see The Databank

Now let?s get started:

A.1 Quick Guide by SlowDog:
(If you want to skip this section, search for ?Main Section? within this page.)

    This is a list of items which come up repeatedly in the Feedback Forum, and elsewhere. Where the item has been addressed by a Dev, it will say so, with a reference if possible, though you may have to rely on my memory. Items addressed by Army Personnel will similarly be noted.


      Plans change. Something that was going to happen (e.g. Mortars) may not figure in plans any more. Something that was never going to happen (e.g. Pistols) may turn up unexpectedly.


    The list is conservative. It assumes the game is good the way it is. Otherwise, why are we here?

    The List:

      General Sweeping Statement:
      Why can I do (some thing) in real life but not in the game:
      ?It may be your way, but it?s not the Army way?. One of the game?s purposes is to educate its players about the United States Army. In certain cases it only allows you to do things a particular way to show you how it ?should? be done. Examples include reload or fix jam sequences, which some people reckon they themselves would do faster or differently; or the ability to pick up live grenades ? you could in real life, but the army says you shouldn?t.


      Most American soldiers don?t carry pistols. Those that do (even SF) nearly always carry M9s. No-one gets to choose their pistol. It?s against regulations to use a pistol you bought yourself.
      They?re restricted even from SF because of:
      realism issues (no one uses the pistol as a primary weapon like was done in game when it was mistakenly(sic) added to all SF on Hospital), game balance issues, and messaging issues (the game doesn?t want to simulate activity that can easily be duplicated on an American street). - Note by [USMC]Pendragon, M9 was added by Devs on purpose as a test.


    [DEV Skippy IRC Interview]

    Melee weapons; knives, butt strokes:
    There will be no melee weapons in the game. [DEV Skippy]
    Same messaging issues as for Pistols


      Are not currently used by the units portrayed in the game. That includes SF. Really. We?ve asked them.
      The game does not portray U.S. Navy Seals, Delta Force, the S.A.S, or even U.S. Army MPs, some of whom may still use the weapon or be known to have done so some time in the last thirty years.
      The Devs did some experimentation with incorporating the MP5SD6 (a suppressed version), which was mentioned in SITREPs, and its OpFor equivalent (the V22 Skorpion) even appears on a table in SF training (though nowhere else), but its planned incorporation into the game has been dropped.

      M203 iron sights:
      Usable iron sights have been requested since the weapon appeared. Most recent knowledge was that they were to be covered in the 3D iron sight changes for the M16 (along the lines of zoomed AT4/RPG control) but that program seems to be in doubt.

      3D Irons Sights for (any other weapon):
      See previous answer.


      It should be replaced because:
      It?s against the Geneva Convention. False. It is not against any current ?Law of War?, though it?s an oft-repeated myth that it is. The myth is even repeated within the armed services themselves.
      It?s only used against ?material?[sic]. False.
      Other weapons (e.g. M24) would be more appropriate on current maps. Possibly. However, the missions that it appears in are ones in which target enemy vehicles would be quite possible.

    Throwing grenades back:

      The game does not allow you to throw grenades back. It never will. Weapons familiarization does not suggest you should (though it implies the enemy may throw your grenades back at you). The Devs actually implemented a ?kick away? function in pre-release, and the Army had them remove it. The Army teaches you that you should run and dive for cover from grenades, so that?s what you should do in game.

    (Diving on a grenade should protect your colleagues to some extent, though there?s some doubt as to whether that ability functions correctly)

    I?d like to appear as female.

      The roles modeled in game are barred to females.

    I?d like to be able to adjust my character?s appearance.

      It was possible to select skin tone and facial features in the past. There were suggestions by now ex-developers that more comprehensive personal styling (skin tone, hats, and sunglasses) would become available. As far as playing dress-up, you probably shouldn?t hold your breath.

    OpFor should look more realistic:

      The desert OpFor are a reasonable facsimile of some of the U.S. Army?s current foes (even the sand ninja look is accurate)

    OpFor should be more camouflaged:

      Perhaps. I assume play testing has shown that most people find having visible opponents is more fun than not being able to see who shot you.


    We should use X engine for AA 3.0.

      AA 3.0 has been in development for quite some time, using the UE 3.0 engine. It has shown competence in various games, such as Rainbow Six Vegas, and will most likely not be changed.

    We need VOIP.

      As shown in various government versions of the game, VOIP is possible. However, its implementation for public release is ongoing. We hear you. Please stop asking.

A.2 Veteran's Point of View, by SAPPER_13
SAPPER_13 wrote:


That's what this game strives for, and so by doing that it takes time to create a good functioning product to give you that. Meaning like wise every patch and addition also takes time to create so it improves, out-does, and brings you something you haven't experienced before...

AAO can not give you it all, but they come as close as anything to doing so... just be careful what you ask for and think about it when asking for what you might consider realism.

Many want more... they say ?Put it in real soldiers see worse than in game, it would make it more real" Well that can not be done or AAO would lose the "T" rating, lose funding and you would lose the game. Not many of you would take it real either or understand what it would really be like to see that stuff. More than likely people would sit there and say" Not enough, not as good as SOF2, or another so and so game"
A slight adjustment maybe to the blood poof a little larger or markings on the character would work.......but pools of blood, those requests are just so others can feel at home in this game as they are in the games full of blood and gore. Adding more gore for realism sake would not mean anything to anyone, it would just mean would not help you understand the psychological effects that has on some people...and some people aren't cut out for that sort of thing either.


They are mainly used as tools in the real military. Movies tend to make you think otherwise... The last time and only time I fixed a bayonet was in Basic training.
They are tools. They can cut things open, cut certain wire, etc.. If all else fails and say I were to run out of ammo, no other weapons around, damn right I would use it to defend myself...but in game there are plenty of weapons around, and fact is while some of you would use it for it's purpose others would take advantage and try stabbing people, which news agencies would have a field day with saying "The US Government through an Army game is teaching it's youth to stab there enemies to death" Thus ending AAO for sure, because funding would go fast.
I would like to see them put in for their given function As a Tool, but I realize even so then people would think they are that much closer to getting to knife kill someone and would never stop harassing DEV's and MOD's trying to get their way.
US Army issued bayonets are tools first..

Though we would all like to have them in game especially since we see the SF characters wearing holsters missing pistols... it's better this way.
With SF in mind yes most would carry a side arm, but not all, and giving all SF pistols would turn SF maps into Pistols only and such which just isn't right, there are other games out there for that sort of thing.
Pistol issue in the Army anyway depends on many factors.. Rank, MOS, Command, Unit position, availability, situation, many, many things... Leaving it as sniper-only right now is the best course and is more accurate and keeps with the realism AAO is trying to provide you. Maybe later on by restricting people from making maps of Pistols only and limiting people other than the sniper to 2 magazines for the pistol it might work but for now it's good.


Be happy at the load outs, caliber, and ammo types. You got it good. If you want reality.......You'd get more jams, miss fires, and when you change either pistol or rifle magazines you'd have to eventually reload those mags by hand to get a full magazine. I'd like to see your guys attitudes in game who blow ammo if you had to sit there and reload slowly by hand in the middle of the game because you wanted things to be realistic : LOL: I would have no problem with it and I'm sure the majority of Vets and other players wouldn't either but most would complain up a storm for that bit of "Making it real for ya.
Also how about we bring in the kicks of carbon coming back at ya sometimes, the hearing you would lose from firing the weapons, you wouldn't be able to hear those life saving footsteps of the enemies anymore...


The weapons are great right now, pretty accurate some have issues but you need to consider lag and so many other things into the equation when you think you are hitting someone or should but your not.
There are new weapons on the way, just look in the Data Bank on the Future sticky
Things are always in the works. The M240 will probably show up later.. M60 is being phased out, in use... but being phased out. MP5 is not widely used by the Army, most SF in the military don't use it that much either.
As for the XM8 and what is coming next read this post on the current SITREP
The weapons need to be a common place and widely used to be in this game, so when whatever new weapon comes out gets that way, you'll see it here. Same most likely goes for the ACUs.

Look accurate to me blast wise, fragmentation can travel a ways and kill you. Throwing sometimes seems amazing but the throw depends on a person's strength, health, technique, how much they are carrying, alertness... many factors.. I could throw a 10 pound shot-put in high school over 30ft(Not that great) A frag is a lot lighter than that and can travel farther...Taking out the ability to jump when in the throw of the frag would help. But otherwise the frag is pretty accurate. The blind throwing is wrong. The only time we ever come close to doing it is during MOUT operations and it is thought that there is an enemy in the room before entry, then either a frag or flashbang is tossed in before entry. If you want realism how about we make the regular frags also affect your hearing and sight more .
There is only one frag per player on UA right now and that is a good level. Take cover.Not everyone throws them at the start so there aren't that many to wait out, if you keep running in these places you know are fragged, then your death is your fault and no one else?s for the time being. Random Civilian spawns in Future versions will solve this issue anyway.. so till then take we really do.


Many things could be done for more accuracy but some might not like it. Getting hit by rounds would more than likely knock you down, and render certain hit areas totally useless if wounded and not hit in the Armor, you would be a lot more tired from running around and aim would really suffer, you would limp, tire out, shock...

Many could not handle that much realism in a character while others would not have an issue with it. Bunny Hoppers.........we do not do it...but we also do not stand in one spot and collect lead... we move, run, maneuver, jump, slide, dive, many things the game can't put in there right now? SO I see the hopping as a compromise, I try not to do it and don't support others that do it, but I don't see it as too big a deal.. Maybe they could tire out faster and only get 2-3 jumps in then can't jump anymore until a complete meter refill or something, have a separate jump meter.

Until a change happens remember they can't fire while jumping, they will tire out, and if you saved ammo instead of wasting it on them jumping, you can waste them when they get tired.

I'd like the diving feature to come back, something we can do and train on.. I also have made posts in the past about customizing the soldier, every single possible feature almost. That idea I heard is on the back burners for now but being thought of also maybe getting a load-out screen for your character for certain maps and classes... that way weight can be brought in and affect the character in a big way depending on the weapon, ammo, gear and such a character decides to use.... Got this all down somewhere to send in..

Anyway, be happy with some of the realism right now, some of you couldn't handle the realism that would be here if AAO went all the way to bring you the Soldier experience. Some of you maybe could handle it, but many would complain and not be able to take it.
But also be ready for the good stuff coming down the line, and do keep up some of the ideas........but think first....."Is it main stream in the US Army right now or is it going to be soon, is it obsolete, would it effect the "T" rating of the game", before you knock those threads out. Anyway I know this was long winded. But thank you for taking the time to read it and for the feedback...see ya around. I probably forgot some things in this but eh? no ones perfect Razz

A.3 Main Section

    A.3.1 Special Forces Load out

      Can SF please get knives? They already have them modeled.

      The short answer is no. In the US Army knives/bayonet are used mostly as tools, not weapons. The opinion of Veterans such as (1VB) BlackBear on the topic is ?if you?re using your knife, you ought to already be dead?.

      This is quite the truism, as in Basic training there is no course on edged weapon combat, and in modern combat, where many combatants have automatic weapons, a knife is rather ineffective in comparison.

      The ?stealth kill? reasoning for having our knives is based on false reasoning also. In reality it takes several seconds for someone to die after having their throat slit, and is usually noisy and bloody, not what Hollywood portrays. Soldiers put their teams at risk by going in with a knife instead of taking out OPFOR right away with an assault rifle. Detection time increases with OPFOR being stalked instead of shot, and may ruin a mission.

      Can SF on all maps please have M9s?

      Possibly in the future, but M9 implementation on hospital is more of a ?trial? than a true representation, just like removing almost all grenades in 2.1 was a game play experiment.

      But they have holsters!!! Why model them?

      Same reason they model knives: for looks. You have an M4 Carbine that requires 3 chest hits to kill. If you can't hit targets within the effective range of a pistol with a rifle, you don't deserve a pistol.

    A.3.2 Vehicles

      Can we have Moving Strykers/ Helicopters/ Gunships?

      As far as air support goes, it isn?t likely. I can?t make a call on Strykers.

      Won't this ruin Insurgent Camp/SF Hospital, etc.?

      No. The common misconception is that vehicles are just going to start appearing on maps like "Insurgent Camp", "Mountain Pass", or other already existing maps. This is not true, unless some sort of special edition of the map is made (which will be modified with special obstacles and such for the vehicles.) Entirely new maps will be made to support vehicles and balance out the battle for both operators and infantry while all the classic maps such as "Bridge Crossing" will remain infantry only. the only changes that one could expect on the already existing maps is that they will be running much smoother on the new engine giving everyone better frame-rates with lower lag, and what?s the point of complaining about that?

      Can I fly/drive the Blackhawk/Apache/Tank?

      Don't bet on it.

      What about small maps? We won't have those with vehicles, will we?

      Probably not. The map will accommodate all vehicles.

      But Hospital/CSAR/Recon, etc. all lag! Huge maps would be lag fests!

      Not necessarily. The UT2k4 function has a changesize function, which obviously changes the size of something. Worst comes to worst, we'd be driving 5 inch long Humvees on a 10 foot by 10 foot map. But we won't know the difference. Just like how we have 10 foot soldiers right now in AA.

    A.3.3 Weapons

      M9 Pistol

        Can we please have an M9 suppressor?

        The answer is no. M9?s in current service are not issued with threaded barrels, which is a prerequisite for attaching a suppressor. Current industry ruffles in the leaves rumor that the US Military has recently bought a batch of threaded barrels for the M9 from Beretta USA, but this cannot be verified until the military speaks on this

        Can SF please mod their M9?s with lasers, etc.?

        No. The M9 has no Attachment points for modifications, and no modifications are authorized for the weapon. So lasers and flashlights are out of the question.

        Can we get the H&K Mk.23 Mod 0 in game?

        No, as the Mk.23 is not in ?widespread use? in the US Army and this game is a portrayal of the general US Army. However a ?no? is not a definite answer, and it is possible for the Mk.23 to find its way to ?in game? status.

        Pendragon?s Note: There are fewer than 10,000 ?SOCOMs? in existence in the military. On the other hand, there are over 200,000 M9s available to US soldiers. But, our standing army still does not have enough pistols for every soldier.

      M4A1 SOPMOD

        Can we please have more M4A1 SOPMOD modifications?

        Currently most of the SOPMOD kit is in game, but there are several items which are not:

          Forward Handgrips
          Forward Handgrips have been nodded by the community as something everyone generally wants. There is a possibility that these will be implemented in the future. However, no model has been known to exist in AA.

          AN/PEQ-2 Infra-red illuminator:
          This has been modeled into the game, but unless we get a weapon viewpoint looking down the weapon, with the crosshair removed, ala Joint Operations, this mod is useless. The laser would point towards the crosshair, and thus reveal your position. If they were to add a CEM bonus, which is most unlikely given the Devs' saying that laser implementation isn't worth it, the laser would work.

          9V Flashlight/ all tactical flashlights
          Their use is negated by AN-PVS 7 night vision devices, already integrated in-game. Some say that the ?stun factor? of shining a flashlight into someone?s eyes would work rather like a short-term M-84 flashbang, but only high end flashlights such as the Surefire M900 series are capable of this, and the desired effect is minimal and momentary. Flashlights are made redundant with NVGs. We have NVGs, which give a disadvantage in amount of space seen, but these NVGs still allow you to traverse silently. Adding flashlights creates a secondary effect of players knowing the positions of others, but then giving the advantage to the person who can identify the OPFOR first, and makes the game luck-based rather than skill-based.

          M203A1 Leaf sight
          This may be implemented at a later date.

          For obvious reasons, this attachment has not been implemented.

          This shotgun is currently not being fielded by the Army, as noted by its experimental classification. It should be fielded at a later date.

          The Masterkey, designed as a breacher shotgun under-mounted on the M4, is currently not being fielded as a standard.

      A.3.4 Other Weapons and Combat Techniques

      Can we please have MP5s/M14s/P90s/Desert Eagles/MP7s/XM8s/FN SCARs/M16A4s?

      This is a common thread, most asking for MP5?s, but occasionally for P90?s or MP7?s. The short answer is No. I will go into detail for each weapon:

        M14: While fielded by the US Army, there is currently no role in the game that requires the use of an M14 that can't be either provided by the M24, the M82, or the SPR.

        MP5: The MP5 is one of the most commonly known submachine guns in the world, standing side by side with the Uzi SMG designed in Israel and licensed for production in Belgium. However, its uses in military roles are strictly limited. The MP5, with its 9mm round, is considered weaker than the Army's M4 carbine, which utilizes the 5.56mm NATO round. As such, the Army has used MP5s in the past, but mainly for Military Police and for Air Crews, and not for frontline soldiers. The MP5 is currently the weapon of choice for certain Marine Police as well. Navy SEALs are offered the MP5 because their job may require constant underwater submersion. The M4, with its caliber, cannot function underwater. The MP5 can.

        P90: The OPDW weapon trials are still at jury, the main contenders being the P90 and MP7. Still there is not much use for this weapon till the OPDW trials are complete and more armor is added to the game (as the main role for this weapons system is to give personnel in armor/support roles a weapons system for dismounted combat).

        MP7: Relatively same as above, except the MP7 is also contending for an Air force role as a pilot emergency weapon, so in an expanded version of Americas Army, could play a role.

        G36C/K: This rifle is not used by the US Army. Its successor, the XM8, is being tested by the Army.

        Desert Eagle: One of the most famous pistols ever, this gun fires some of the largest shells ever (up to .50 AE). Taking that into mind, this gun is also gas-operated, and VERY heavy. While this gun is powerful, attempting to find at least one military contract for this outside of Israeli Military Industries is very difficult.

        XM8: This weapon is developed by H&K and HAS BEEN CANCELED.

        OICW: This weapon was canceled prior to the XM8.

        FN SCAR: This weapon, developed by Fabrique Nationale, is a contender for Special Forces usage. However, it is still under testing and has not earned an M## designation yet.

        M16A4: This rifle is current fielded by the US Army. Unlike the M16A2, it features the RIS system. Because of game balance and role orientation, these rifles have not been directly implemented. The M16A4 DOES NOT feature automatic fire. The M16A3, which is not fielded by the Army, features automatic fire. Yes, M16A4s can be custom-designed to fire automatic, but the M16A2/4 shown in the game are bulk order standard-issue rifles.

        Shotguns: Shotguns like the Remington 870 have been seen in pictures of the Iraq War. However, the current uses are limited mainly to breaching doors. At CQB, an M4 and a shotgun would both pretty much hit. As it stands to be modeled in the game, the shotgun fires a slug that is possibly meant to represent a breacher round.

      Can we please have the facility to rest the Harris bipod on objects while crouching, i.e. windowsills?

      The answer is: Yes.
      The new and improved Unreal Engine 2.5/ Unreal Tournament Engine 2004 offers features such as advanced collision detection etcetera which allow developers to integrate features such as this. And this is only a few patches away! IE.2.4

      We should be able to beat people up or hit them with our guns! Why isn't this implemented?
      As of yet, there is no melee system implemented into AA. However, they may add the system later for emergency uses, such as an empty gun. Don't expect it to be too powerful, though. It's meant for emergencies, not as a real fighting move.

    A.3.5 Gameplay

      Realism and Other Non-Combat Features

        Bipod Fairness ? Also deals With Generic Balance

        The underlying role of many games is fairness. Most people would not enjoy a game where one person can play ?Master of the Universe? and everyone else may play as ?peons.? Unless of course, everyone else wasn?t human. The same is with America?s Army. Every day we see hundreds of checks and balances placed in by the game designers, but some people seem to pick on certain checks more than others. Bipods, for example, are a common nitpick by most people in the community who want people with bipods to be able to ?grab and go? rather than pack up their bipods nice, or to move with their bipods down.
        Here is where the underlying development to game fairness comes in. One very common example of game fairness in AA is ?running.? When you run, you go a lot faster, correct? But you can?t shoot. Why? In real life, running and shooting isn?t done because it is both unsafe and inaccurate. Well, you can do it if you wanted to anyways, right? Right, but that is not the point. By running, you?re giving up your ability to shoot for your ability to move faster. By sighting and slow walking, you?re giving up your accuracy to be mobile in case of emergencies.
        Why now, do bipods lock you down? It?s simple. An advanced marksman who works hard to get into a safe sniping spot, and puts down his bipod, deserves every bit of CEM he devoted to going prone and going bipods. Allowing an opposing OPFOR AM to drop and use his bipod right away eliminates the advanced marksman?s advantage of spending more time. You can move without bipods, but you lose CEM which you need to regain when you stop. Does this mean the attacking AM is always at a disadvantage? No.
        The check for bipods is that you cannot operate your weapon while folding them. You can move when you pack, but you cannot return fire. Why? Your CEM bonus is also a factor. By placing down your bipods, you increase your effectiveness at long range, and decrease your effectiveness at short range.
        Still want to pick a fight? You need more protection, you say? Look at the team roster. You either have a rifleman or an IF with you. Use them.

        Can we add blood for realism, etc.?

        Blood certainly comes under as realistic for any FPS. However, the goal of the America's Army project is to recruit likely adults into the Army. That said, a game should accurately portray the Army life in as "fun" a way as possible without scaring away likely recruits. Sure, it'd be more realistic, but I doubt anyone would want to join the Army after watching their arms and limbs get shot off and such. Would adding blood REALLY change gameplay? Not really. Wow, there's a pile of red blood on the floor. People ask for blood so they can follow the blood trails. Common misconception. Army instructors tell you NEVER to follow a blood trail. The end of that blood trail may lead to anything from a dead OPFOR, or a giant OPFOR camp with the bleeding guy being tended by a medic. Bad idea.

        Will we ever be able to surrender?

        Unlikely. The Army is trying to show that it never gives in to enemy demands. They go all in, and either finish the mission, or die trying.

        Why aren?t there women in this game? There are women in the Army!

        The MOSes portrayed in this game, namely Special Forces 18s, and Infantry 11s, are restricted to women. Women are barred from joining any front-line combat MOS based on current policy.

      Game Rating

        In order to reach one of its main target audiences (teenagers approaching enlistment age), America's Army must maintain an ESRB rating of T for Teen. If AA lost its Teen rating, it would inhibit its distribution to this audience, which would inhibit its purpose as an educational tool for aspiring soldiers, which would reflect badly on it when the time comes to sign the check. This is one reason certain things ? blood, knives, visually realistic wounds ? are not a possibility for AA.

        Because the game is produced by the Army, it has to suit standards above those of normal games. If enough angry parents write their senator, anything can happen. And remember that it only takes one incident, and some vitriolic journalism, to drum up public angst towards something as edgy as an Army video game. We, that is to say, the [Dev]s, have to tread very softly.

        Why can't we just let it go to Mature? Kids can and will still get a hold of it.

        The ESRB has more pull than you'd think. A lot of retailers won't sell M games to kids. Certainly an Army recruitment office wouldn't want to be caught doing it. Even more than that, though, a promotion to M would indicate that the Army was okay with its game being rated above its admitted target audience? And even if the game still gets to the kids, it'd be a devastating PR blow, and could lead to the project getting canned (see above). We don't want that.

        Why is such and such feature rated so badly? That's stupid.

        The [Dev]s have no control over what the ESRB chooses to rate how. If you'd like to protest something, try the contact information at If you try downloading Halo PC, the trail, from Microsoft?s website, it asks you for your age. If you don?t meet the age requirement of 18, it bans you from the mature section of the site indefinitely. Of course, you can lie, but then you?ll get in trouble when you?re caught.

        But <insert game here> has blood/knives/obscenity and it's rated Teen. Why not Army?

        That's the ESRB's call. It's out of the [Dev]s' hands. If you really want to know, try the contact information at
        Besides, does blood really make gameplay better? Are you going to kill more OPFOR because you see them shouting obscenities, spurting blood? Are you ever going to use said knives as they were meant to be used?

        What about an option to lock the offending features?

        The presence of parental controls has no effect on ESRB rating.

        What about a requirement of proof of age to unlock the offending features?

        The [Dev]s are not equipped to make such a system to operate well enough to stop kids from getting to it; see above. It only takes one.

        What about a whole separate game with M features? Or a mod perhaps?

        No. As listed before, the Army is UNABLE to ensure that this recruitment tool only reaches the audiences it is targeting. This game is not meant to be gory. It is meant to recruit soldiers, because in real life, we do not lose 1000 soldiers a day in AA combat.

A.4 Credits

Adriac wrote:

Rating Information

_fish_ wrote:

Bloop Bloop, Vehicles Section Master

MQvNe3 wrote:

So? This is my afternoons work, and is only the beginning, but with some outsider input could become a valuable resource. I will do a 1.1 version in a week if the response is good and I get some help on other topics I haven?t covered. And as soon as the search feature is working again I will back up most of what I have said with DEV and VET quotes etc. all in Feedback Thread Extraordinaire v1.1

Feel free to post anything you feel I missed or any general feedback you have.

And remember the more you post, the better this becomes.

Thanks to:
People who ask questions!

List Compiled by Pendragon

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Good post.


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thats why you call scouts, and have the battalion stand by... buuut i don't see those kind of forces here so-

votes fer sticky!!!

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I saw a more complete one, but it never got stickied. Sad

We miss you Chica.
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Canada's Army

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Don't forget knives and Melee attacks!

R0G3R's gone, he left a note.
"He's B-seven" was all he wrote!


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...dangit. Why didn't think to do that?

Oh yeah, great post too.


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UX-OSX-ArtillaryGoat wrote:

I saw a more complete one, but it never got stickied. :(

If you can find it I will sticky - I will sticky this one BUT any flaming and arguing it will be locked.

Canada's Army

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LOL, stickied within a day of being started!


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can you also add knives to this post please

to many people from cs and avp2 asking for knives :]

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CylonRed wrote:

UX-OSX-ArtillaryGoat wrote:

I saw a more complete one, but it never got stickied. Sad

If you can find it I will sticky - I will sticky this one BUT any flaming and arguing it will be locked.

I GOT IT! I spent 10 minutes going through my 566 forum email replies, so I hope I will get that time back from this being either incorporated into Pendragon's post, or this being stickied. This thread was actually on the front page for a week.


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UX-OSX-ArtillaryGoat wrote:

CylonRed wrote:

UX-OSX-ArtillaryGoat wrote:

I saw a more complete one, but it never got stickied. Sad

If you can find it I will sticky - I will sticky this one BUT any flaming and arguing it will be locked.

I GOT IT! I spent 10 minutes going through my 566 forum email replies, so I hope I will get that time back from this being either incorporated into Pendragon's post, or this being stickied. This thread was actually on the front page for a week.

I have replaced the thread with said information, so the mods need not resticky!!! Credit given to mq something with difficult name.


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you said that the basic training doesnt have anything on edged weapon. so i'm assuming the two days of week 3 don't count?

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_fish_ wrote:

you said that the basic training doesnt have anything on edged weapon. so i'm assuming the two days of week 3 don't count?

I just watched the movie. They used it for "motivation" and setting up "mindset" for soldiers. Shocked


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the first day is instruction on how to use it, the second one was making them use it

to say that its ineffective on a modern battlefield? sure, i'll agree to that. but its not to say its worthless either, jumping is basically worthless too. i'd say you NEED them the same ( jumping is mostly used to jump off of things to get down from ladders and stair cases faster in my observation )

to say that they don't have training for it? that'd be false


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About time someone made this. HOOAH again if it'll slow the flood of "I want MP-5 and knife" threads.

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